Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqi Elections

Today is the day that Iraqis vote...
Just over 13 million are registered to vote . The population is over 45 million...half of which are children..

22 dead in Iraq as people waiting to vote are shot at and polling stations are bombed...

The Guardian has a section just about the Iraq Elections with news and updates...

A Poll in Iraq reveals that 38.4% thought that elections today were for a president, while 38% guessed TNA..

The Daily Outrage has an interesting eco-snippet:

"Out of 146 countries, the US ranks 45th in environmental sustainability, sandwiched between Armenia and Myanmar, and behind such nations as Botswana (34), Bhutan (39), Congo (39) and even Russia (33), that bastion of eco-consciousness. The findings, part of a join project by Yale and Columbia Universities, are based on myriad factors, including air and water quality, biodiversity, acid rain, overfishing and environmental cooperation with neighbors. While the US does surpass Israel (62) and Great Britain (66), lagging twenty spots behind the Central African Republic (25) should be cause for alarm."
(IN CASE YOU'RE CURIOUS: Kuwait is ranked 138th out of 146!!!!! The UAE is 110th, Saudi is 136th, Syria is 117th, Tunis is 55th, Worse than us are Uzbekistan, N.Korea, Haiti, Armenia)

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