Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's been a while...I took off last minute...didn't take my pc with me...and am not staying in places where i have access to the net...or to a pc...not often anyway..strange..I have not been reading blogs for weeks now..and have no idea what's going on..I have never been so cut off from news and views..And the tv in this last big super duper power on the planet I am visiting is sooo brain numbing...I thought I would conduct an experiment and just cut myself off the internet..and try to rely only on the daily news...and cnn..and whichever paper I could get my hands on..and let me tell you..I might as well be living on a different planet than any other country..all I know about news is what Michael Jackson's trial is up to, what runaway bride went galloping off this week and really not much else in between the haze of commercials..the endless commercials. Saddest of all though is the way that news-casters here use language and gestures and loud slow talking that makes you feel as though they were talking to babies or to viewers who have the brain capacity of babies...It's weird like I am watching an opera or a kindergarten play..Why underestimate your viewers so severely?
But that is what is going on in between lovely travels, good friends, beautiful lush greenery, lots of rain and chilly weather in spring, and museums and bookstores and anonymity...beautiful stuff...I hope everyone is well..I'm going to blog hop now for a little bit...not much time...


sarah said...

It's good to have you back! I was getting concerned. I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Spring! Rain! Lucky you!

It's between 90 and 100 degrees (fahrenheit) here and I'm hiding inside with the a/c and all the fans on, the curtains closed, lots of water and ice cream.

It sounds like you really needed to get away. Have a fun and relaxing time!

SheWrites said...


So good to see you posting again. Now that we know you're okay, go back and enjoy your vacation. But be warned, you're expected to more than make up for all the time you've been gone once you've returned.

And don't even pretend you haven't heard about Kuwaiti women getting the right to vote and participate in elections. I wanna hear what you think!

Take care,

Shurouq said...

Look who's finally back!

You got me worried, dear..
Don't you disappear on us like that again..

Missed your insight :)

kwtia said...

Hi Beautiful Ladies, Thank you for your concern and your lovely notes..I do miss you guys..and all the other good people I read and who comment on this lil blog ..Time away is healthy and also almost drives you to the point of madness..but in a good way...the world can be so beautiful and hearbreaking can't it?
N, I did, yes, I did hear the news...on else do we hear everything even when we don't read or watch anything worthwhile..I'm ashamed to say my cynicism was in charge that day...I just sort of went..'huh, cool..about bloody time..are you sure? I don't know about that...we'll see what happens'...which made me feel like I wish I was back there with you guys and in the thick of it so that I could feel giddy and silly about it all.
I do have to say mabrook to the men who finally decided to join the human race and recognise the rights of their sisters and mothers and daughters..
Sarah...are you describing hell? Keep guzzling water..I wish you spring showers and a surprisingly cool breeze.
Shurouq, sorry, that was a weird vanishing trick I did...time just sort of gallops along and I was surprised how much time had actually passed..been missing your insight too.
see you guys around soon..

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Welcome Back, Sweetie! You just upped and left us. Just like that? How about a warning next time? Sorry, I'm just giving you hard time 'cuz you had us worried. Your experiment sounds like it requires a massive amount of willpower. If I don't check out blogworld, swear to God I start itching :P It's really, really good to hear from you again. I'm glad you're having a great time. Take care of you, laters :)

kwtia said...

HI D'n'G!! Great to hear from you...the itch to keep up with blogs I love is very difficult to resist..

Jewaira said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time wherever you are and come back refreshed. Always good to take a break

Q said...

WB kwtia! its great to see ur ok and ur back!

Hope ur having a kickass time, and come back fresh and ready to post like u used to!

kwtia said...

Jewaira, Q... Hi! I will be back next week..but will have to work hard to get out of this laid back lazy groove I`ve gotten myself into...just had lunch on a bench by the water and watched hundreds of birds nearly knock a woman down...the world is amazing and weird...thanks for coming by you guys..I hope you are doing well and feeling wonderful.