Saturday, July 2, 2005

Live 8

Updated:I watched an hour of the live feed of the live 8 concerts on MBC4 before I was actually moved..and who did it? Greenday...they kicked some behind...fired up, unafraid, angry, out there to get the people to feel something about why they happen to be there on this Saturday in July...the crowd reacted a lot more passionately to them than some of the more subdued swaying that some of the other crowds were displaying..and Berlin, where they were playing, looked like it was baking hot too..a lot of red faced people in the crowd, bless them...they actually made me pull out the blank vhs and tape and record this for history (oh memories of Live Aid... and why do I even have memories of being excited about and taping Live Aid?...I was too young to understand this stuff I would have thought) Think you remember Live Aid? Here's a quiz.
Do you think if they had any Arabic popstars it would be a more popular event in the Middle East? Are a lot of people watching around here?
Did it seem inappropriate to anyone that people were cheering the stars they liked the most during the 'every three seconds' ad about a child dying of poverty every 3 seconds?(opening of the Philadelphia concert)...Instead of being stung and silent by the horrible fact..the crowd screamed and clapped for Brad Pitt when he snapped his finger...or for someone else they thought was it that hard to separate entertainment from more serious matters?
Bless the Black Eyed Peas for the song they decided to open with, Where is The Love, and when they had everyone raise one finger and repeat "one love, one world"..yup, I got teary...
If you don't like what's showing up on the global feed on MBC4, you can watch a specific city online..
Prize for most heartfelt song by 8:30pm Kwt time- Annie Lennox: "Why"...She is one dedicated lady...go Annie!
9:12 pm Kwt time-Madonna wakes the crowd up... and her dancers are fantastic...but not before Geldof tells the viewers not to give into cynicism, because a survivor of the famine in the 80's is on stage to prove the cynics wrong..and that beautiful lady stays on stage for a while when Madonna starts singing and she has the most bitter-sweet expression on her face...the cynic in me is alive and well, but is capable of appreciating all views and possibilities..
9:50 Kanye West is on our screens and I saw him on the Philadelphia online feed two hours ago...
*****'s like the past came and kicked me in the face...A-Ha are on at 10:10pm here singing Take on Me ...part of me wants to giggle, another part of me says "what are you laughing about, remember the 80's? you were there"...and then Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff come on to remind me once again...
Where the hell did Celine Dion come from? Suddenly her Vegas show is on in the middle of this all at 11pm...I need a good night's sleep people, it's cruel to suddenly put scary things like that on without a safety warning...(sorry to the many Dion fans I know we have in this country, I just can't handle it)ok ok..nice of her to contribute and all...


Zaydoun said...

Madonna woke ME up as well as the crowd. I was getting bored. Ray of Light rocked!!

U2, Coldplay were great. Green Day kicked ASS!

kwtia said...

Zaydoun, Hahaha yes I was nodding off's inevitable I guess, we've been going for 5 hours now.. and I missed U2 :( I don't know where I was when they came on..

Anonymous said...

a-ha... no need to giggle, they ROCK! They've been touring in Europe and releasing albums through these years. They'll make it back over their first U.S. gig in over 20 years on September 12, 2005 in New York City at Irving Plaza. I thought their Berlin Live 8 performance was fantastic, can't wait to see them in NYC!

Q said...

Just my luck, MBC4 didnt work yesterday! But thnx for the updates kwtia, u rock walla!!

kwtia said...

Anonymous, you know the giggle was actually at the fact that I was kinda enjoying Take on Me, and I had this sentimantal reaction to it at the same time as being reminded of the embarassing parts of those decades...and you know, Morten looked mighty sweet in his glasses... rock! hey maybe they will repeat it today..also i think maybe you can catch stuff online..

sarah said...

Greenday was awsome, as were Madonna and Annie Lennox! I think in America they primary showed the American/British bands (I didn't see A-ha at all). It was really good all-around.