Saturday, March 3, 2007

Some articles about the first Arabic production to be staged at the Royal Shakespeare Company... By a Kwti theater company with a pan-Arab cast.
From The Financial Times--- The Guardian--- The BBC
As a special gift for National Day, Kuwait confirmed 20 cases of bird flu in falcons, chickens and turkeys...Then they confirmed 5-7 more cases today. We can trust that our efficient and responsible authorities will be working day and night to keep us safe.
And now onto news I don't have to have a gun to my head to write...
Your choice of coffee could help heal the scars of genocide... While taking some vitamins could increase your chances of dying... and eating ice-cream could help you get pregnant
An Egyptian blogger is jailed...
Some suggest:
"Contrary to the optimism of the Nineties, that it would allow oppressed peoples to escape censors and read forbidden opinions, the net is proving surprisingly easy for dictatorships to control."The Guardian
And Iran Iran Iran...akh, that disease Iraq had a few years ago, the one where they were responsible for everything bad in the world, seems to have infected Iran... So if you feel a bit under the weather, if your car won't start, or your marriage is on the rocks or that raw meat you had last night just didn't sit too,'s probably all Iran's fault. Those busy Iranians seem to be responsible for everything from arming Iraqi militants to planning to partition Iraq, to kidnapping Yemeni Jewish children...And they are apparently doing all those pesky things (and we are hearing about them) right when the US plans to attack Iran...
You know what they say about comedy, it's all in the timing.
Seymour Hersh has a new article about US plans to attack Iran ... He warned us a year ago and even long before that...but we were all too busy, eh?
Fisk says Lebanon will be the First Victim of the Iran Crisis
Kucinich says: "The justification chosen by the Administration is the one circumstance in which a President could bypass Congress and still wage a military conflict" The Nation
"Russia's president accused Washington of seeking world domination, undermining the UN and other international institutions, monopolizing world energy resources, destabilizing the Mideast by its bungled occupation of Iraq, and unleashing a new nuclear arms race by planning to deploy anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe." Toronto Sun ...News to anyone?
You have probably heard all the hoopla about Al Gore's whopping electricity bill...a day after he was celebrating his popularity at the Oscars came the 'scandalous' news that his electricity bill should shame the eco-warrior... Kieth Olbermann responds.
And tonight, look up at around 11:18pm (20:18 GMT) to watch the moon start to move into the earth's shadow...for the best lunar eclipse in a couple of years.

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