Monday, February 5, 2007

Sulayman Al-Bassam is in Stratford, the birthplace of Shakespeare to put on an Arabic production of Richard III at the Royal Shakespeare Company...
mmmmm...mmmm..we have GM crops on our shelves...
A new Islamophonic podcast at the Guardian...have a listen.
A study from the University of Chicago says that you can help fight Global warming by going vegetarian...because eating meat is worse than driving a car... That's also what the UN said a while ago...go easy on the carcass munching.
Speaking of eating dead bodies, my years of decimating the cow population of England might not make my brain go spongy if doctors have indeed started to reverse vCJD
They better be quick about it though...I feel it galloping behind me on the ghost of what became my beef burgers.
Gotta run...


cixousianpanic said...

LMAOF on the "carcass munching"


kwtia said...

:) Glad to see people laughing these days..