Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's late. I'm tired... but my eyes are too swollen to shut so you are going to be lucky enough to get a post after all this time. And of course lucky means get ready for some news you are not going to like, because that's just the way it is.
  • Take this quiz or this one, then let's drown our sorrows together because the candidate most likely to match us and, in my opinion, save the world, will probably not become president.
  • Over a million are displaced by Tabasco floods. No food, no power. Anyone still want to pooh pooh global warming?
  • Is Zain sending anyone else impossible messages about money owed after they have already thanked you for paying your bill? It's probably only me and my electronic curse.
  • Ok, so i'm too tired to make it a long list of bad stuff .

We can also try something that might get a smile out of you. And if you smile...I smile.


UmmEl3yal said...

Thank you for introducing me to my candidate "Kucinich" ;)

The total survey results are depressing :(

kwtia said...

:) welcome to the club..