Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who no longer trusts the weather here?
I find myself having to chaperone open windows...
Dust pneumonia, you haunt me.
The second most abundant element in our universe was first discovered on the sun, and so was named after the sun God Helios...
It is the second element on the periodic table...
It is produced from radioactive decay...
It is used to help rockets take off and microchips come to life.
We suck it up into our lungs and along the way our vocal vibrations travel 3 times faster than through air, rising in pitch.
Last week a priest strapped himself to 1,000 balloons filled with Helium, floated away, and has not been seen since.
Those 1,000 balloons were filled with a noble gas our planet is running out of.
It is used as a coolant in all them dangerous reactors everyone wants to stupidly build.
So, tick tock...
The Herald Tribune says people are playing games
Akh...preemption...Pandora has nothing on you...
Dark comedy, like all comedy, is all in the timing... Interesting that now is the time chosen to point fingers at a country that has a mutual defense treaty with the one place someone wants an excuse to do this to...
Setting it up... Setting it up...setting it up, Setting it up,
So, tick tock...
Chin up people, all is not lost. Pierre got a suit. And Owen's got a new mama.
Here is a short folktale for you folks.
And from the people at Wired:

"I think people don't understand that e-voting is a bad idea not just because of its insecurities but because it's really bad public policy to have these really expensive machines. The cost never goes down. In fact the cost only goes up as the machines age and need more parts and upgrading.

"They take up huge amounts of warehouse space in warehouses that need to be air-conditioned," she continues. "They have to recharge the batteries every six months. And (yet) we only haul them out about once a year (for elections)."

Now there ought to be some yodelin' in this song;
Yeah, there ought to be some yodelin' in this song;
But I can't yodel for the rattlin' in my lung.
Woodie Guthrie


nibaq said...

The future is nuclear if we like it or not. Even Greenpeace founder advocates it.

But the e-voting thing is something I didnt even consider. What really to do with them after elections. Too bad we cant make them slot machines.

nibaq said...

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