Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When did it become ok for a magazine to edit (by inserting more errors) and dumb down your articles without letting you know?
I have a growing suspicion that certain editors are actually robots that can't compute more than one layer of meaning in a text.
I will have to get myself a metal detector.

What was the fast moving white blur that just settled over everything and then went away?

I am tired of this place. I go away soon, to refresh the spirit that has no place here.

If I take a multifunction approach, one perk for an obsessive-compulsive like myself is the increase of human brooms in our parliament.
Hey, I could have taken the 100% pessimism in an endless darkness route.

Soon enough.

Us in the news these days:

Kuwait's parliament: It just slows things down

Democratic road to nowhere

Kuwait should liberate itself


Shurouq said...

Human brooms make perfect blogging material.. I think they're reviving the community.

تروحين وتردين بالسلامة :*

Intlxpatr said...

Where are your articles, Kwtia? You are an articulate gem! Who would dare to dumb you down?

kwtia said...

Don't they? God bless 'em..
But I think I will feel the fun of it more after I get back from being somewhere less hairy.

Hey there, welcome back to these parts. :)
Now that would be telling... But thanks for the encouraging words.

Rajesh said...

Vote for the 7 Wonders of Kuwait

TooTie said...

sad really . .