Saturday, April 18, 2009

Far From the 'Banning' Crowd

I hope it's the frenzy of the dying that has made the religious right, and all the people duped and terrified by them, ratchet up the forceful increase in 'shut up and disappear' tactics. You know, the ones they use instead of trying to make a point through reason and calm argument.

You tell them the earth has been around for billions of years and we are just a minuscule dot in an otherwise unfathomably large set of endless universes and their response is 'shut up and disappear'. Suggest that the human experience is colourful, endlessly surprising, diverse, full of more questions than answers and, therefore, beautiful...'shut up and disappear'. Suggest that humans are capable of thinking, choosing and learning from their own mistakes, and need I say it? 'shut up and disappear'.

Fear, paranoia and sexual obsessions are unfortunately the calling cards of these fanatics who want the world in little tiny simplistic boxes that are to0 small and too weak to hold in the crazily gorgeous multiplicity of possibilities offered up by science and art and the ability to love and create and be brave. So they get mad and have to shut us all up and make us disappear.

And yet, here we all are still talking and still dancing and still singing and still loving and still saying we are not afraid. They are so small and they are dying, so we understand that they need to be loud right now, but facts and reason and hearts bigger than their tiny misfiring brains are always going to sway to that everlasting tune they may someday, if they're lucky, recognize as freedom. Before they take their own advice and shut up and disappear.


Eostre said...

Heh. I am amused by the 19th-century literaryness of your post's title. I am perhaps too easly amused. You had me at Hardy.(Oddly enough I've never read any of his work, the utter despair that is Tess of the d'Urbervilles made me avoid him forever more. Perhaps 16 wasn't the best age to have met his work. Yes I am somewhat a poseur.)

Fear, paranoia and sexual obsessions.

There is a thin line between valuing female chastity and fetishizing it. I fear many of our x-chromosome deficient friends have crossed it. I suppose it quenched their thirst of exploring undiscovered country. Thank you for that Captain James T Kirk.

Also, hello.

PS My word verification was wateryj, which brought to mind Monty Python and "you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you." This is my thought process, learn to accept it.

kwtia said...

I crawl out from my cave a year later to say hi and to thank u for the amazing bundle of references and smarts u put in a few paragraphs here :)

黃智樺黃智樺 ,
I couldn't agree more..

Bader said...

Word. You know what's up.

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