Wednesday, April 6, 2005

First things first, Some Blogger related Headlines
which is related to the following headline
"city ordinance likely to choke local bloggers' right to write freely about politics"
The term 'chill' is used in the law to refer to describe a limitation on free speech and expression, due to the fear of persecution. (we know a lot about 'chilling effect' here)
A revealing article about a blogger at the white house press briefing.
"8 million online diaries as of March 21, up from 100,000 just two years ago. A new blog is created every 7.4 seconds. That adds up to 12,000 new blogs a day, 275,000 posts a day and 10,800 updates an hour. "
Something interesting has hit the internet-A progressive media site that has video and audio content that you can browse and also add's called I just watched an anti-landmine commercial that CNN and others have refused to show...

Several high profile deaths this week...the Pope, Prince Ranier of Monaco and Saul Bellow...
The one I'm interested in is the last one...
Philip Roth said: "The backbone of 20th-century American literature has been provided by two novelists - William Faulkner and Saul Bellow" Guardian
He won the Nobel Prize for Humboldt's Gift .
Here are his obituaries from The Guardian and The New York Times.
Some older articles about him (including his contemporaries Norman Mailer, Philip Roth and others):
Twilight of the Old Goats from Salon
Bellow's Gift from NYRB

Japanese Trains now have a women only section, because there was a big problem during morning rush hour with women getting fondled...guys, really?


Hanan said...

OMG segregation on Japaneses trains? How absurd!!!

La De Da said...

Seriously though, the Japanese are known for their perversions. I can imagine it being a big problem. Did you know that they have vending machines that sell used & unwashed school girls' knickers?

Well, now you know :)

kwtia said...

Hi guys, thanks for coming by..
Noony, I know, too bad, but I guess some ladies would rather focus on their morning commute rather than wonder who's hand is violating their privates...
Elastic Plastic Fantastic (EPF), nice to meet you, I had no idea about those vending machines, are you serious? I need to go to Japan, the place fascinates me more everyday.
And I have to add, every society has its purvy moments..

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Finally! It's what those poor Japanese women needed.

Elastic_Plastic - It's called fetishes lol and you DO know that some of the stuff that Kuwaity people are into are way worse right? :)

Kwtia - I can't tell when you're being sarcastic lol (I'm slow) Anyways, I checked out the japanese store and I just can't thank you enough! I didn't wanna leave! Okay pack your bags, we're taking the next flight to Tokyo :P

kwtia said...

D'n'G Hi ! I just read about your lovely day a liitle while ago! very nice...I need to go back and visit that place some nice tins and some very good dust sweepers from there..
which part could you not tell about? (sarcasmwise) I really am becoming more and more fascinated with Japan everyday...especially everytime i hear about the germophobia...I would fit in perfectly.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

So I'm guessing you know about their low low low disease rates due to the whole bowing instead of shaking hands thing (among other things) hehe I swear I love those guys :)

"Noony, I know, too bad, but I guess some ladies would rather focus on their morning commute rather than wonder who's hand is violating their privates..."

Did I detect sarcasm or was that my overactive imagination again? :P

kwtia said...

ah I see, well i mean what I say..I think it's too bad that has happened but also that I guess it must be a good thing for ladies who don't like the fondling phenomenon...but maybe I say that with a hint of a sour smile.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

lol chalk another one up for DnG's delusional mind.