Thursday, April 7, 2005

In keeping with the broad topic of unethical writing habits that were highlighted this past week in relation to a particular plagiarist we all know...I just saw a preview for a movie that is being screened on Showtime called Shattered Glass...
I am happy to watch it just to see one of my favourite actors Peter Sarsgaard (Boys Don't Cry, Garden State, Kinsey)...but it's also an interesting true tale about an associate editor of The New Republic, Stephen Glass ,who was fired for journalistic fraud..
Glass was making a 6 figure salary in his twenties, he was associate editor and yet 27 of the stories he wrote for TNR were made up...
He was actually quite creative, he faked web-sites, mailboxes and even bought extra mobile phones to create the illusion that the references he 'faked' were real...He was eventually caught and fired..and the film covers all that..
It was an article he had written about hacking that was uncovered as a fake by Adam Penenberg at Forbes.
He wrote a book about his exploits, The Fabulist
For a bunch of his articles go here

Screening times on The Movie Channel (TMC):
Monday April 25th 22:00
Saturday May 7th 18:00

For a more recent story about fraud, check out the Jason Blair/New York Times fiasco:
The Jayson Blair Project: How did he bamboozle the New York Times?
By Jack Shafer

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