Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Egyptian playwright Alfred farag has passed away...
الفريد فرج: علينا أن نخلق حوارا مع العالم عبر المسرح
Egyptian Playwright Alfred Farag Analyzes Decline of Arab Theater
Mahmoud El-Lozy's revival of Alfred Farag's Sulayman El-Halabi at the AUC
Nehad Selaiha finds magic and enchantment in Alfred Farag's The Princess and the Vagabond
Rice continues to battle to get everyone to swallow the idea that they do "not tolerate, permit, or condone torture under any circumstances". Hey maybe she should say "read my lips" or better..."we did not have torture relations with those suspects"..y'think that might help?
Forced child marriage tests Pakistan law
Apparently in some parts of Pakistan there is a tradition called 'vani' in which child brides are offered to the sons of an enemy or feuding family to settle the score...Razi Azmi writes : " it is a centuries-old practice in Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan in which women are given in marriage as compensation in cases of murder, territorial disputes or other serious disagreements. Males of the “aggrieved” party seek young virgin girls as compensation for crime and to permanently tarnish the honour of the “guilty family”. In exchange, the accused men escape prosecution and punishment. This custom is also known as swara in the northern areas of Pakistan"
And at the Saddam "I'm not afraid of execution" Hussein..erm..what do we call it?...Trial? Can we say that when there are questions over whether it satisfies international standards, whether trying him for his smaller scale crimes (some say to protect the other countries that aided and abetted his worst campaigns) is legitimate considering the fact that he would be executed for it before he can implicate anyone else in any later trial...Here are ten reasons from Global Policy why justice may not be served by this trial.. Due process and not revenge is the basis of fair trials, and a fair trial means that no one can come back and say he was a martyr, or that he was innocent but tried unfairly..a fair trial means that his vicious atrocities get a full airing and he and his allies get the punishment served by international standards..anyway at his trial, the papers say chaos reigned supreme yesterday..
There is a blog devoted to the trial
Jurist's coverage of the trial
Raucous episode of Saddam show chips away at court's credibility

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