Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The week in news..

In Lebanon another bomb ...another set of human lives sacrificed for whatever shadowy inexplicable purpose the mercenaries and the powers that be have agreed upon...
Truth postponed Al-Ahram
In the US, another life was taken by the hand of the self righteous state... And a self-righteous governor played the part of a merciless god ..
Sneering at Redemption: Why Arnold Killed Tookie by Dave Zirin
Quiet death of a man condemned Dan Glaister in San Quentin
Why do we kill people who kill people to show killing people is wrong
In we passed the 1,000 days of war...the numbers are out...over 30,000 civilians dead...66 journalists dead...251 Foreigners kidnapped ...25-40 per cent Estimated unemployment rate...70 per cent of Iraqi's sewage system rarely works...47 per cent Iraqis never have enough electricity ...
By Kim Sengupta
"There is no sign yet of the thousand-day war ending. Every month up to a thousand fresh corpses arrive at the mortuary in Baghdad. A new Iraq is emerging but it is already drenched in blood."
Patrick Cockburn
The WTO talks in Hong Kong are, as usual, met with protests and people who know what it's like to feel the heavy boot of indifference and exploitation...On Thursday Korean farmers and labour unionists performed a bow (sujood) every three steps on their protest march...On Friday the US Consulate in Hong Kong was pelted with eggs...And Hong Kong protesters declared a hunger strike...This is the BBC's take on the key issues at the talks....Here is a slideshow of the are short videos you can watch..
Coca Cola is banned from some US campuses...
Iraqis went to the polls, again...Salaam Pax reports from baghdad, for the Guardian...
Ah! Every morning the war gets up from sleep.
So I place it in a poem, make the poem into a boat, which I throw into the Tigris.
This is war, then.


Shemsi said...

We saw a clip on the Daily Show of a Bush news conference. Someone asked him how many Iraqi civilians were killed, and he said (flipantly): "Oh. . . I'd say about 30,000, give or take." Seriously, does he have no concept of propriety? Or does he have no concept of numbers?

Coke has a monopoly at my university, which is really annoying. I wish my school would ban coke. But I think in TX saving money is more important than saving lives.

I read your critique of King Kong. I have to agree on every point. At the movie theater I went to, after about an hour people started talking. I don't mean they were being annoying, like how teenagers can be, or businessmen who have to talk on their phone. I mean, during the parts were there was no dialog, people would start to chit chat, like "so what are you doing this weekend?" etc.

Anonymous said...

r u kwti for real? i keep coming back to check and see if ur real.

kwtia said...

Hi Shemsi,
You know that clip you mention competes with the one where he was making jokes about not finding WMD' can watch a thing about it here:
It's amazing that he thinks he can say things like people dying is just an opportunity for another joke.

poor Kong :(

Hi Anonymous, yes I am..last time I checked..

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Kwtia! What are your resolutions for the year(if any) still continue to amaze me...wish there were more of you out there:)
i'm still checkin in on ur blog;-)

kwtia said...

Hi anonymous, happy new year! thanks for the kind words..and thanks for checking in on me:)
I haven't really thought about bout you?