Thursday, August 10, 2006


Heathrow on Red Alert
Incoming Flights stoped, but outgoing flights are still on though extreme delays are expected. The tv news is saying don't bother to turn up at Heathrow unless your trip is extremely important to you.
Passengers will not be allowed hand luggage and mothers with babies will be required to drink the milk they bring on the plane to prove it is in fact, milk.
Wallets and purses, money, credit cards, baby milk, keys that are not electrical, sanitary items.All will be placed in a plastic bag.
No liquids will be allowed.
Every Passenger will be hand searched.
All other airports in the UK are on High alert.
6 Planes were targetted, 20 people have been arrested so far-9:30am GMT
John Reid:
"The police, acting with the Security Service MI5, are investigating an alleged plot to bring down a number of aircraft through mid-flight explosions, causing a considerable loss of life. "
"This will mean major disruption at all UK airports from today. But as far as is possible we want people to go about their business as normal."Independent
Threats on Liberties again voiced :
"The home secretary yesterday gave the thinktank Demos his strongest hint yet that a new round of anti-terror legislation is on the way this autumn ...
"Sometimes we may have to modify some of our own freedoms in the short term in order to prevent their misuse and abuse by those who oppose our fundamental values and would destroy all of our freedoms in the modern world," Guardian

When we give up our freedoms in the short term, we can forget that we had them at all...And how short is short-term?? The short-term could be someone's entire lifetime...What's the difference between someone blowing your freedom away (if indeed it's your freedom they give a damn about, and that has yet to be convincingly argued) and between you giving your freedom up?
Apparently PM Blair was aware of his threat for some time and even spoke to Prez. Bush about it on the last trip...and yet he is currently on vacation in the Caribbean...or maybe just somewhere he knows is not under threat..
Blair to work on tan and Lebanon solution
Blair takes leave of reality Gulf News
The metopolitan police describe it as a plan to cause 'mass murder on an unimaginable scale'
So that this news does not divert all attention away from crimes committed elsewhere:

Israel plans further invasion
"Lebanon campaign expanded, as general is replaced by commander with more aggressive reputation"
The Franco-US resolution is an absurdity: it would give Israel immunity while denying Lebanon the right to defend itself
"A member of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour Party quit his defense post Wednesday to protest the government's handling of the Mideast crisis and its close alignment with the United States." Guardian
"More than 150 MPs, including a fifth of Labour's parliamentary party, yesterday joined forces with 17 charities, including Oxfam and Amnesty International, to urge the recall of parliament to discuss the crisis in Lebanon" Guardian
"There is an urgent need for a recall of parliament, but not to debate the crisis in Lebanon, desperately serious as that is. Even more serious is the escalating emergency in Iraq"
The Iraq Body Count so far- At least 40,069 civilians /probably 44,596 civilians
This week was the 61st Anniversary of the murderous Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings...Those killed 200,000 people in a flash...mass murder on a grand scale indeed.


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