Tuesday, August 1, 2006


And that's it..


Fuzzy said...

hmmm and i thought im the only one Addicted to Gizmos,Gadgets and Engadget Blog hehehe....... Great Roundup,

when is your Birthday ?

Mine on the 7th of August.

kwtia said...

Fuzzy, the shared addiction must be because we are both Leos..Mine was last week...I'm trying to forget.

Fuzzy said...

waw a Lady Leo, Happy Birthday, you're a year younger now :)

ana i stopped the clock back in 1990, i dont celebrate my birthday anymore.

are you left-handed too by any chance ?

kwtia said...

Nope..not a lefty..but I can't say much for my right hand either.

Shurouq said...

:* Happy birthday to my favorite Kuwaiti online.

hm said...

Evidently there are people in the West who have a more realistic view of MidEast situations than Western leaders do:

Best wishes regardless of handedness...

kwtia said...

Shurouq, :** Thanks, my fave Kuwaiti in the great za7ma:)

hm, I just put that in my next post, depressing news, as always these days.
Thanks for the wishes :)