Monday, July 31, 2006

A 48 hour pause in aerial's that easy, isn't it...just to wonders why we can't do it more often...
Hope eveyone gave as much as they could, just for an opportunity like this where the supplies can actually get to those suffering...
The buttons on the right need pressing..
Some headlines make it a victory for Condi, maybe so that everyone that has been highlighting her talent for being a criminally incompetent excuse for a diplomat, might also put a pause on the critiques...though I wouldn't let that stop me, she got a pause and lost the planned.
As usual, it isn't Israel's fault that they target civilian communities with 'smart bombs'...because Hezbollah either fires from there or if that tale doesn't pass the test of truth, then it's because it's a hotbed of Hezbollah supporters (we all know how much children are known for that)...the same laws of illogic don't apply to Hezbollah strikes though...everytime their rockets land in Israel officials can't hurry fast enough to say the Hizb are targetting civilians on purpose, despite the fact that Hezbullah bombs are not as 'smart' as Israeli bombs, and have been murdering less civilians than the Israelis have...and despite the fact that Hezbullah could use the equally idiotic excuse that the civilian areas were a hotbed of support for the Israeli military invasion and bloodbaths in Lebanon and Gaza (with over 90% support by the civilian population that would be a hotbed indeed) But we are capable of seeing the vicious cynicism of that argumant only if one side uses it.
A magazine that is always interesting is Salon, and it gives you Watching Beirut die as well as :
"The "hiding among civilians" myth Israel claims it's justified in bombing civilians because Hezbollah mingles with them. In fact, the militant group doesn't trust its civilians and stays as far away from them as possible" By Mitch Prothero
"It was supposed to be a routine trip across the Lebanese killing fields for the brave men and women of the International Red Cross. Sylvie Thoral was the "team leader" of our two vehicles, a 38-year-old Frenchwoman with dark brown hair and eyes like steel. The Israelis had been informed and had given what the ICRC likes to call its "green light" to the route. And, of course, we almost died. " Fisk
There should be a safety warning when reading this...your sanity might not survive the onslaught of criminal and fanatic conservative fantasies..
Here is an article you will need a strong drink and some time to get through...
It's a NYRB article that reviews 4 books about Iraq, and like any NYRB article it's a feast of information.
And in tales of other wars that continue to claim victims long after they are 'over'...
Vanity Fair has a photo essay and an article about the victims of America's use of Agent Orange in Vietnam...
"In the 1960s, the United States blanketed the Mekong River delta with Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant more devastating than napalm. Thirty years after the end of the Vietnam War, the poisoned legacy lives on in the children whose deformities it is said to have caused"
And more from news of how this world is a better place since freedom and liberty became fightin' words:


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