Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Members of a religious sect in central Kenya are bracing themselves for a nuclear war predicted to take place no later than 12 September 2006."
And Lebanon...

For those who feel powerless, just watching this unfold:
Help out with donations:
BANK: SGBL, Sin El Fil, Lebanon> Account: 001-004-361-236446-01-3> Swift: SGLILBBX
: BNPI, Achrafieh, Lebanon > Account: 136 932.001.24> Account Name: Caritas Lebanon > Swift: BNPI LBBX> Other accounts are provided here.
(To support Refugees) > Bank: Byblos Bank - Tabaris> Account (USD): 380.3652902.001> Account (LBP): 380.3652902.002> SWIFT: BYBALBBX
To help in Gaza :
From YouTube :
Operation Just Reward on Lebanon (The first three days)
And Today's cartoon in Al-Nahar
"Don't Speed, Death is faster"


3AJEL said...

مأساة انسانية وعجز عربي شامل
كلاكيت مليون مرة

White Wings said...

دماء لبنان تلطخ يد العالم كله
كيف تقف هذه الجميلة المعطرة في وجه فساد الدنيا كلها
لله درك يا لبنان

nazzal said...

i got an email showing a very young israeli girls writing messages on the bombs that was and still sending to lebanon !!

the messages had reached to the lebanese children, as the pictures in this blog are showing and more :((

am extremely bitter from those who does not see or look further than their noses her in kuwait , they can not think beyond , those who where chanting for nassar allah in the streets or in almanar tv or stuck in "why he abducted the 2 israeli soldiers" , and do not exert any of their energy looking at the premeditated and the execution of the evil plan to wipe out lebanon and bring its nation to there knees , so they will be dictated their future , so whose left from our arab world .

الله يعين اللبنانين حبايبنا وأهلنا وينصرهم ويرفعهم عن المهانه

what else can a man say and do , in this dirty times !

kwtia said...

عاجل . White Wings and Nazzal, Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts..I wish it were under better circumstances..