Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rolling Stone has an exclusive worth reading...It starts like something out of a spy film and ends like Revelations...
You might need something strong to sip on while you read it.
If you want to round off the story: Mother Jones' "Three Days in Rome" is an article to look at.
Is it possible to be this stupid? For Rummy to uncork some stale insipid philosophical tripe when faced with a question as grave as whether a bloody civil war is raging as a result of his decisions and under his drenched-in-blood watch, is unbelieveble.
Regarding the UN observers that were killed by the Israeli forces when they fired on their base 21 times, let me say that again, 21 Times:
One of the UN peacekeepers was Canadian...the other from Finland..another from China and the fourth from Austria...What do those countries think of this?
"BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- The U.N. observers killed when an Israeli bomb hit their bunker in Lebanon Tuesday called an Israeli military liaison about 10 times in the six hours before they died to warn that aerial attacks were getting close to their position, a U.N. officer said."
Take a look at Martin Rowson's cartoon in the Guardian


nazzal said...

how do you go around and manage to get all these news from all these sites :) is it part of your profession , it must be !!
otherwise laelahillaallah :)

kwtia said...

I'm just an insomniac...
I used to work in research for a short while...but that actually killed my interest in digging up info..

hm said...

I love your blog; I found it thru shemsi. It is amazing how many news sources you cover. This guy has some really simple but thought-provoking polit cartoons:
Thought you might find them interesting.

kwtia said...

hm, thanks for the morale boost :) And also for the link,really good stuff!