Friday, July 21, 2006

"How soon must we use the words "war crime"? How many children must be scattered in the rubble of Israeli air attacks before we reject the obscene phrase "collateral damage" and start talking about prosecution for crimes against humanity?" Robert Fisk
Srifa was a bustling hillside village. Then yesterday the Israeli jets came
Clancy Chassay outside Srifa
Thursday July 20, 2006
Photo of Abbas Khalil, a Srifa victim from Al-Nahar July 21st Front page

“International humanitarian law is clear on the supreme obligations to protect civilians during hostilities,’’ she said. That same obligation exists, she added, in international criminal law, which defines war crimes and crimes against humanity.
“Indiscriminate shelling of cities constitutes a foreseeable and unacceptable targeting of civilians,” Loiuse Arbour the high commissioner for human rights.
To see what is happening to the Lebanese see here-
Britain and US defy demand for immediate ceasefire
"Two countries, the US and Britain, defiantly refused to back the international clamour for an immediate ceasfire between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas. Their ambivalence about civilian deaths in Lebanon has given Israel a powerful signal that it can continue its attacks with impunity" Independent

"it's not even a war. What you have are hostilities, at this point, between Israel and Hezbollah. I would not characterize it as a war. "
Tony Snow, the White House spokesperson.
Thanhniennews Photo
Y'know what, you're right Snowy, why call this a war?
Or this..

Ya Libnan Photo
Watch Jon Stewart's take on the media not calling what is happening a war.
"does anybody still believe this is about saving three Israeli soldiers - a piece of Hollywood schmaltz called "Saving Corporal Shalit" and its two sequels? Are Beirut, Haifa and Gaza City burning for them?
Only a dwindling band of people now believe this, the official pretext for the twin-set of wars Israel is fighting on its northern and southern fronts. If it had been true, there was an obvious solution - swapping prisoners. Israel is currently holding 8,200 Palestinian fighters, as well as at least three Lebanese fighters who were seized in Lebanon itself during the long 18 years when Israel was occupying its entire southern region. Both Hamas and Hizbollah have said the Israeli soldiers will head home as soon as there is a fair swap" Continue Johann Hari's Article
Thousands flock to hills, parks and schools, but no place safe from bombs
Jonathan Steele
"In small pockets of misery and distress tucked away across Beirut, thousands of Lebanese refugees are sheltering from Israel's relentless bombing."
BBC Photo
Misery rules in tomb of living dead
"What kind of life is being offered to us now?"
"I will tell you what kind: a life of destruction, despair, displacement, dispossession, and death."
"We the Lebanese want life, we have chosen life. We refuse to die. ...I sincerely hope that you will not let us down"
The Lebanese PM addressing the deaf, blind and mute international community...
Save the Children's Emergency appeal
for Lebanon, Palestine and other Middle Eastern tragedies.
And thank you Mr. Annan for mentioning Gaza, the land of 1.4 million humans invisible to the rest of the world.
A woman being evacuated from her home in South Lebanon wept on Sky News saying "we are humans"...
Because she knows she actually has to remind the world of that fact...


nazzal said...

what can we do ? what !!

very sensitive pics , look at the first 2 , but the rest are so hard to look at .


are you aware of what a quite of bloggers are wasting their efforts in !! unfortunately in hate arguments , in making it sunni and shie'a issue , iran and mullas , in why hizballah did or did not , and others starts a worthless side issue or a stupid fact then the rest cut each other to pieces .
and much more than that in secular kuwait net , where one is posting the israeli anthem and another one said
نحن في إنتظارك يا صهيون

i wonder where are we , the ppl of the orange movement and the MPs to take a stand regardless of our differences to show solidarity to the lebanese who decided to be united and put aside at least for now there differences .

am lost here !! should lebanon surrender and submit to israel demands and accept there dictations of commands and orders , plus letting them to draw and formulate the future unilaterally !!

for me its okay only when the lebanese decide so .

4 now
am not able to cry or tear , i hope it would come out as soon as i touch its soil . soon inshallah


nazzal said...

مابي أأذيج بس من حرتي

yet who knows !! since there strongest war machine is there media

Fuzzy said...

US, UN <--------- HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo

and then they call Arabs Terrorists !!

kwtia said...

Nazzal, I understand ur frustration..unfortunately the first thing we do when we are faced with things we can't solve is go at each others necks..we are our own greatest enemies in that respect..and divided we fall..
I don't believe that turning Nasrallah's current behaviour into pretend heroism is either correct or productive. And certainly going to the other extreme and suggesting Israel bring it on is also insane.
What we lack at times like these are restrained voices that speak in context and that look for solutions that take into account a true reading of what both sides can work with.
In the end isn't the solution a just that is willing to consider the realities of both sides? Or do we want to keep the region in conflict forever, to keep the men with the guns at the top(on both sides) happy?
Fuzzy..all sides are, in this ugly game..language lost its meaning a long time ago, when it fell to it's knees to serve politicians..