Thursday, July 13, 2006

The arrogance of power...

"Israel threatened to bomb Lebanon "back 20 years"
When soldiers, who are a military target, are kidnapped...the response is attacks on civilian targets? In this upside down world, yes.
Halt the slide to war
"Ehud Olmert lost no time in describing the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Lebanese guerrillas as an "act of war". ....
"Palestinian fighters kidnapped an Israeli soldier from a position just across the border from Gaza. For weeks before that dozens of home-made rockets were fired into Israel. Mr Olmert's response was to emulate what his mentor, Ariel Sharon, would have done: he bombed a power station, depriving hundreds of thousands of civilians of electricity and water in the summer heat. Israeli aircraft have been breaking the sound barrier in a campaign of psychological warfare against 1.4m people. That has all been rightly condemned as collective punishment, which is banned by the Geneva conventions.
Since the abduction more than 70 Palestinians, many of them civilians, have been killed by Israeli forces."
And South in Gaza:
"Rescue workers pulled a four-year-old child out of the rubble. He had on a red T-shirt but his body was cut in two. Palestinian doctors said the owner of the house, Nabil Abu Salmiyeh, a lecturer at the Islamic University and a Hamas activist, had been killed along with his wife and seven of his nine children.
Rami Samour, 25, who lives near by, said the blast blew the mutilated body of a woman into a neighbouring house. A neighbour, Safwan Amamour, 39, said he and his wife were hit by flying rubble. He said: "No words can describe this destruction, this hellish damage, which I will remember of the rest of my life."

The Independent
"There is an axis of terror and hate, created by Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas that wants to end any hope for peace"
These are the words of the Israeli foreign's the map for what they plan too do.
And their eternal echo:
"The White House said it held Iran and Syria responsible for the abduction" Guardian
Here is an interactive guide to the escalations

Only sanctions will stop this brutal campaign
The world is watching, and we are all made complicit by the failure of our governments to end Palestinian anguish
Ahdaf Soueif
I officially apologise to my little niece for the world that she will have to live in.


Anonymous said...

I've extremely pissed off. I think the Lebanese gov'mint should retaliate to show the Israelies that they're not docile.

I feel sorry for the civilians :/

and I apologize to my newborn niece for the world she will live in too :(

skunk said...

and when suicide bombers target civilians and children its all hunky dory cos theyre 'freedom fighters'.

yup everything makes sense :P

kwtia said...

Mini, "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"...
Israel can't wait for an escalation.
What power do any surrounding countries have in the face of the state that is armed to the teeth and waiting for any excuse?
I apologise to your niece too..

kwtia said...

Skunk, no one here supports suicide bombers..but what does that have to do with Lebanon?
There is nothing hunky dory about violence and it not right for either side..civilians are protected by international law, which Israel doesn't recognise just as guerilla groups and suicide bombers don't recognise International law. But there should be a difference between the way militant guerilla groups behave and the way a supposed democracy with a state system and laws behaves, don't ya think?
The militant mentality on BOTH sides does not protect, nor aim to protect the civilians of either side.