Sunday, July 16, 2006

"It will be called the massacre of Marwaheen. All the civilians killed by the Israelis had been ordered to abandon their homes in the border village by the Israelis themselves a few hours earlier. Leave, they were told by loudspeaker; and leave they did, 20 of them in a convoy of civilian cars. That's when the Israeli jets arrived to bomb them, killing 20 Lebanese, at least nine of them children. The local fire brigade could not put out the fires as they all burned alive in the inferno. " Independent

"In Lebanon as in Gaza, it is not Israel's right to protect its civilian population from terrorist aggression that is at issue. It is the way Israel goes about exercising that right...military leaders remain addicted to the notion that, whatever they have a right to do, they have a right to overdo" Observer

"Yes, Hamas had no right to take an Israeli soldier captive, nor was Hezbollah justified in seizing two Israeli soldiers and killing eight others. But Israel has now killed more than 50 Lebanese civilians, and it is destroying the civilian infrastructure of that country, along with Gaza’s. These aren’t defensive acts. These are acts of aggression."Matthew Rothschild

Israel hits Gaza house, Saturday, 15 July
AP Photo
"So to suggest that Israel is looking for a solution here, to suggest that it’s playing for peace, is to be as cynical as those imbeciles who claim Israel is being “humanitarian” by raining leaflets of evacuation warnings before dropping its tonnage of barbarism in civilian zones. When rogue goes against rogue, and a rogue-in-chief stands by from his Roman-themed colonnades a Potomac away, a just solution is not only not being sought; it’s a virtual impossibility." Pierre Tristam

Some of the thousands fleeing areas in Lebanon
"Olmert lacks what the people of Israel like, which is someone who knows how to kill Arabs," Baltiansky said. "It sounds harsh, but Sharon knew when and how to kill Arabs, and when to talk to them" IHT

Strikes on Haifa, and other Israeli cities, civilians killed...
Olmert says:
"There will be far-reaching consequences in our relations on the northern border and in the area in general." Newsday
The Israeli warship is attacked, Iran is blamed... the soldiers are kidnapped by Hizbullah, Israel says they might be transferred to Iran ...Tiberias hit, Iran blamed...Haifa hit, Iran blamed, Israel says there are even Iranian revolutionary guards in Lebanon...and Iran probably has Hoffa... a close second held by blame on Syria..
Remember the New Yorker, Jan 2005?
"Next, we’re going to have the Iranian campaign.... This is the last hurrah"
Toronto Star
Kuwait Times, Kuwait
BBC photos of the effects of this war


nazzal said...

it is not possible that this massive warfare , is planned for , in 48 hours .
yesterday i met a man who just arrived from lebanon and said that the evacuation flyers that the israel's war plane spreading over , are yellow and old !!!!

with all this cruelty , this barbarianism , those massacres and all the indescribable pictures that are pouring from lebanon and ghaza , yet still there who want us to shut up , turn our faces , put down our heads and just blame the whole thing on hizbo allah , who once upon a time was something to be proud of .

noway , should we ever give them that , on gold platter ! what is happening is way more bigger than the stupid abduction .

and what is next !! syria , iran the region and our dignity for the sake of that meth of the god given land :((

yes we cry but still heads high

kwtia said...

Nazzal...Every now and then the head lifts..but tears are heavy to hold up.