Tuesday, July 4, 2006

I have been in a funk...the elections, even though they got some people that fall under the label of 'reformists' into the parliament left others, who's walk actually matches their talk, un-elected. More than that, I have been disillusioned all over again by ever-present realities of politics. The anti-corruption preachers didn't refrain from shuffling people into their districts... the money that exchanged hands was not just between the obvious shameful bunch..the regular crooks were blatant, some seeming innocents were just a bit more subtle..And I hope that the Faustian deal progressives might have made with some chameleon regressive elements in politics does not bite them in the rear.
All this said...The clouds parted for me today, and the sun made its way to the sky like it always does..with its Shurouq, right out of Jabriya and all over the country. The future doesn't look as bad anymore, all lit up like that.


Shurouq said...

That Faustian deal will bite us in the rear sooner or later..

Come to think of it, it already did. But did we have any other choice?

(And thanks again :*)

kwtia said...

Thank you Shurouq, for being such a great representative, and strong clear voice for change.
I don't know about having any other choice, but it smarts to have to choose between two hellish possibilities doesn't it?