Friday, June 30, 2006

نبيها خمسة

1- Education reform: We want no more Midieval ideas that frighten students and future community members out of thinking for themselves, out of natural curiosity and out of using reason and logic. We want no more Midieval textbooks that make slugs look like they could beat us to college. We want better equipped schools, and better teachers and higher standards.

2- Healthcare: We want hospitals and clinics that actually reflect the fact that we are one of the richest countries in the world. We want enough beds for patients. better equipment, better waste management. We want better doctors and nurses and we want them paid well so that they actually do their jobs.

3- We want the criminals, who bribed the last dregs of a soul out of a selfish and ignorant group of voters, to first be shown the exit sign of the Majlis, and next the entrance sign to some jail time. And we want their counterparts in the sickeningly false and corrupt business culture of kwt to also get a nice taste of retribution. Otherwise we are just letting citizens know that the only way to the top is to be the dirtiest fat cat around. And we want better trained more idealistic and responsible members of the criminal justice system.

4- The arts and culture: We want freedom of expression and not just for those who have the most unbelieveably fantastical imaginations that match their beard length. We want the kind of freedom that will bloom in theaters and on the screen and on the page and all across the airwaves. We want it to shake people out of their lazy putrid narrow corners and to make them think a million, no a million billion, things...

5- The environment- We want pollution dealt with, we want cleaner cars and no more landfills that poison entire communities. We want the water problem dealt with, desertification dealt with, the filthy polluted sea dealt with, and the radiation poisoned country dealt with. We want a proper recycling system and an environmental awareness campaign. We want companies that are causing pollution and getting rid of their waste in dangerous ways to be fined. We want to trust what we are eating drinking and breathing.

That's my khamsa...also known as the keep dreaming list.


Delicately Realistic said...

Sa7 ilsanich


Anonymous said...

LOL..i love the way you drew it out!

*sighs* reality bites doesn't it?

kwtia said...

Hi you two :)
Thanks for stopping by..and for the kind words..

yeah Mini, it can bite big savage mouthfuls..but the only way from here is up I guess..

Anonymous said...

That's very well written :) We sure do need a lot of that in Kuwait. Hopefully the "keep dreaming list" atleast turns to a "keep hoping list". We should never give up and always try to make our country better.

kwtia said...

Thanks for the optimism Cece D. :) Never give up is right..

A3sab said...

the dream will one day come long as the orange movement continues and expands

kwtia said...

Hi A3sab :)
Sounds good to me..Inshallah all good things will come rolling our way, sooner or later (though sooner sounds better)