Thursday, June 29, 2006

Akkkhhh!! ya ahl il-man6iqa l''ve made your bed, now sleep in it..and good luck with the nightmares.
District three has given a we'll see if it will make any difference in the coming term..
Uhm, the people who got 0 votes...didn't they even vote for themselves?
Now the real work begins and the real faces show themselves...lets not allow any of the candidates who coloured themselves orange, and who talked about reform and progress and women's rights and all those pretty things think that they can just proceed with business as corruptibly usual..The easy part is over, now is when activism is most important.
And shame on every single person who accepted a bribe and on the authorities that did nothing, nothing, nothing...and then some more nothing...I won't even mention the criminals who were offering the bribes...the disgust is too much to handle at this time of night.
And I would like to make a little request...I would love to not hear 'ya jama3a'..'shilli sayer'...'3aib ya jama3a' or any other shrill, loud pronouncements... especially when the sentences are repeated twice or three times as if for emphasis, when it's probably because the speaker has lost his train of thought..the habit of repeating sentences as if it were an Um Kulthum song doesn't really help the speaker when it's done throughout the speech ...emphasis should be used sparingly, or else it loses it's point. Why am I saying this?..because I am cranky, as I knew I would be at this point in the process, and also because I have been hearing too many passionate speakers this month, who shout even when the have huge sound systems that are blowing our eardrums off, and who sacrifice eloquence for melodrama..and that goes for both the candidates I am not a fan of and for many of the beautiful people who are trying to make a positive difference..I keep wanting to destroy the sound systems at the rallies..please don't turn me into a speaker plug puller, turn it down a little and turn up the level of the discourse instead...
One district had a woman in third place, and that would be the former Um Il-Haiman...district 25..
As expected?
Surprisingly hopeful?
Shockingly worse than feared?
or nothing to blog about?
Despite the MTC ad, it always tugs at my heartstrings to hear بلادنا حلوة
And with that I should get some rest, because the nerves from watching the election results have me nursing a headache..good luck with the continued fight well.


Extinct Dodo said...

i dont understand why they bothered with 7al ilmajlis if people were only going to end up voting for the same old people all over again :|

im very very VERY disappointed with the way things have turned out

kwtia said...

Well the opposition MP's got their that should be a good thing if you only focus on the 5 districts issue..
Too bad that in some areas money surpassed qualification..but that is to be expected..
The issue now is to see how the pretty general ideas of 'anti-corruption' that were the clarion call of some of the opposition MPs actually get put into practice...Or were they all the promises of politicians..
I still worry about making deals with the devil to get just one issue on the I worry that the chameleons who got voted in will now grab the power and run real fast in their own directions..directions I would never vote for.