Sunday, June 18, 2006

Phew, now that the Minister of information has assured us that there is nothing but freedom and liberty in this country and that there is nothing but goodwill towards those who might have opinions he can't agree with...and that his only concern is the security of the country and the safety of society..Well i'm sure that we can all sleep better tonight. What a swell place we live in...It's perfection seems to just blind everyone who dares to look at our glimmering, shimmering spectacle of democracy and do-goodiness.
If you missed the interview that just took place, you can always take a look at the leaked copy of the prepared questions and answers found on Sa7at il-Safat...
I for one am glad that those dangerous, security threatening, law-breaking, non-Kuwaiti, sneaky kittens known as the nabeeha ta7aluf channel are safely barred from threatening my security, safety and sanity and filling my mind with anything that might damage its frail, impressionable constitution..who knows what might happen to society if we watched anything that sounds soooo dangerous and suspicious..
Thanks again to the super-duper ministry and its non-interference in press freedoms and its assurances that it is not its actions that got nabeeha ta7aluf volleyed from one satellite feed to another trying to get on the air..I for one believe the ministry had nothing to do with anything that may sound like censorship, persecution or any non-liberty enhancing behaviour whatsoever... or else how could his excellency the minister sit there in his shiny silver suit and say all that?
Until the effects of whatever I must obviously be on wear off, that's all I'm saying...

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