Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Bush: You see, the ... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hizbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over. " Independent
Bush tells Blair in the middle of stuffing his face with food at the G8, when they had no idea the microphone was on...
You can watch the whole thing here
Bush and Blair's Less Than Excellent Conversation
Arianna Huffington
"For the second time in 48 hours western governments declined to intervene as Israeli forces, on the sixth day of aerial attacks, killed 47 people and wounded at least 53. Hizbullah, the Iranian-backed militia, also stepped up its attacks, launching 50 rockets against Israel, the highest number in a single day. The death toll since Israel began its attack has risen to 210 in Lebanon and 29 in Israel."Guardian
Getty Photo Ya Libnan Photo
Lebanese victims
"US Ambassador John Bolton said there was no moral equivalence between the civilian casualties from the Israeli raids in Lebanon and those killed in
Israel from "malicious terrorist acts". Yahoo News
From Tikkun:
Michael Lerner, Gila Svirsky, Uri Avnery and Gideon Levy discuss the political and moral significance of this summer's violence.
End the Suffering in the Middle East
By Rabbi Michael Lerner
Understanding Israel in Gaza and Lebanon
We present a view on how to end these crises, along with analyses by Tanya Reinhart, Yitzhak Frankenthal, Michael Rubin, David Horowitz, Arik Diamont (of Courage to Refuse,) Robert Fisk, and others.
Cartoon from Al-Nahar, a lebanese daily paper:

"Arabism's Hero"
The cheering ineffective cowards
Covering up Gaza
The state of Israel, fearful of the truth, continues to control media coverage of its brutal occupation
Jonathan Cook
"Israel launched a furious assault on the entire population of Gaza, destroying its only energy plant, which left 700,000 people without power, and seizing more than two dozen Hamas elected officials. Israel's leading liberal daily, Ha'aretz, warned that "the government is losing its reason...arresting people to use as bargaining chips is the act of a gang, not of a state." Amnesty International condemned the attacks against civilian infrastructure as a war crime, and the UN's Relief and Works Agency warned that Gaza is "on the brink of a public health disaster." The Nation
The rest of the world:
More than 300 died in Java Tsunami
More than 50 killed in Iraq shrine attack

Gunmen kill 56 in sectarian attack on Iraqi market town
-More than a million people demand election recount in Mexico City
Mexico: A Yellow revolution brewing?

1 comment:

nazzal said...

Bush's ingenious talk with his body , really showed how low are the standards of his administration !!

And how casual those words came out .
said it with no remorse , he doesn't think we deserve better .

subhuman , they think of us !!
we are played with as , a wooden piece of chess .

Yet still , I hope for
a united lebanese ,
for them to survive the fire ,
stop Israel , at least for now , from dictating there master plan .
last but not least to find and implement a.s.a.p. a solution for hisbo allah's unwanted capabilities of weapons and unilateral decisions .

easy for me to say
الله يعينهم