Thursday, November 2, 2006

Watching too many cooking shows...and not doing any cooking. Oh Tamasin why am I obsessed with your kitchen? So let's try to look at the news a little...They admit Iraq is chaos, isn't that big of them? oh no wait the word isn't 'big', is it?...Iraq is also said to be disintegrating and, well, a whole hell of a lot of hell is up north of us...quick, quick, look somewhere else, the US says there is a plot to 'topple the Lebanese government'...a sneaky, and distracting...and in other news of catchy ancient words for headlines, Egypt has a new major 'foe'...I have a new major disappointment, just when I was thinking about a flat screen tv I have to read that they increase global warming...which by the way, in case you haven't been on the globe for a week, is getting pretty bad...and if you want to know more about how bad it is, because you are morbid like me or just concerned look know what else is bad? Life for women in the new Afghanistan, so bad that women are setting fire to themeselves to end their despair...let's get more depressed shall we? The same poisonous weapons used on our soil and in Iraq have most likely been used on Lebanon...Here is a list of the scarrriest people in America, and here is something that scares me to death, even though I'm not a fish.
Bloggers, internet users, everyone there is hope...I think...see I leave you with hope...even after I've bashed it on a rock.


Fuzzy said...

any more earth crisis heheh

loved Tamasin ! not only a chef, also the sister of Daniel day-lewis za actor ! catch Hell's Kitchen on MBC4 tuesdays at 10pm hehe

kwtia said...

Fuzzy :)...i caught a few minutes of that for the first time this week...I will have to really see it next week..looks a bit rough.

White Wings said...

what a catastrophic collection :)
that fish news is particularly...smelly
thanks, always very informative to visit your blog

me said...

it is depressing but a beam of hope will always b there even if its so what makes life go on

cheerz ;)

kwtia said...

White Wings,
:) and thank you

yes, always hope :)

Shemsi said...

Good news about your buddy Rumsfeld, huh :) Maybe the world won't blow up after all.