Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another Russian is poisoned.... radiation is found in 12 sites linked to the poisoning of Litvinenko... it's World AIDS day...and it's a beautiful grey out...
Signora says that today's protests are a threat to democracy and Sama7a says, on Al-Manar, that Nasrallah wants nothing but democracy and an end to sectarianism...and in related flights of fancy, apparently ahl il-kahf could sleep for centuries because they got a massive ear trauma from the Almighty...which a 'scientist' has proved is possible to send one into a state between sleep and death...for hundreds of years...wawawewa..
How God-like of this scientist to be able to do that...and if you can prove a miracle is actually science, ain't it no longer a miracle?
And it would really be lovely if we could stop buying the myth about being against citizenship rights for Palestinians in the Arab countries they live in because 'we care about them and want Palestine back'...Are we supposed to think that some countries are against التوطين because if it happened Palestine would not exist?? Why, because 60 years of Palestinians being refugee 'guests' has really been great for that dream? The one chance we all get at being alive on this planet has for many Palestinians meant being hostages in a rhetorical game hung around their necks for half a century. No one did anything to make a realistic and functioning homeland for the Palestinians a reality but can still find it absurdly appropriate to use the idea of it as reason to NOT consider their citizenship. The countries that did give them nationalities didn't do it in some big plot to eliminate the chance that there will be a Palestinian state, despite what our epic seething paranoia about conspiracies might whisper in our ears...They did it because there are laws about citizenship that are applied if you give a damn about the people being born in and living in your country...and when they are not applied it is not 'for the sake' of the person not getting those benefits but for economic, political and social reasons particular to the country that doesn't want the Palestinians as the angel wings can be retired when it comes to any talk about Palestinians and citizenship or the lack of it, enough already.
The day gets better when this man has something to say...
Olbermann: "What a dark place your world must be, Mr Gingrich. Where the way to save America is to destroy America. I will awaken every day of my life thankful I am not with you in that dark place. And I will awaken every day of my life thankful that you are entitled to tell me about it. And that you are entitled to show me what an evil idea lurks there and what a cynical mind. And that you entitled to do all that thanks to the very freedoms you seek to suffocate."


White Wings said...

Strange how every time Arabs try to help Palestinians, it is by further oppression and distancing of them
Aren’t we genius when it comes to solving political problems?

BintBuNaz said...

I promised I'd be back.

Ta3alay o nawray.


kwtia said...

White Wings,
I think we should get some recognition for always screwing a situation up further...

Well look at the twinkly pink!!
Great to see you back!