Saturday, December 16, 2006

A tale of two serial killers:
One has molested and killed over 30 children in 2 weeks the other kills 5 sex workers in 10 days- which story is all over the front pages from the start and is in a country that respects all its victims and its public?
George Clooney (for president) spoke about Darfur here he is in Egypt on youtube...
Congratulations to the less than 1% of people in the Emirates who will be voting this week.
Pinochet is dead...what a whimper of an end for the man that ruined Chile and murdered so many...
When there are sidewalks, how come people here insist on strolling in the middle of the road? At a reaaallly slow pace, even when you are headed right for them...
Texas apparently thinks there aren't enough people running around with weapons that blow you to bits...Really?
Fisk on who's in power in Lebanon and on some people's weird obsession with trying to erase a past when they can't solve issues in the present...
Yet more documents that reveal the lies that took everyone to war...
A study shows that the smarter you are the more likely you are to become a vegetarian :)
Ahhh, drama at La Scala, where it should be...The star tenor gets booed off the stage (and hires lawyers), then an unsuspecting understudy has to finish off the scene and does it sooooo well he gets a 9 minute ovation...and the story goes on...
Arundhati Roy has an article titled India's Shame in the includes information like this:"
"The Indian government declared that Pakistan - America's closest ally in the "war on terror" - was a terrorist state"...."moved more than half a million troops to the Pakistan border. Foreign embassies evacuated their staff and citizens, and tourists travelling to India were issued cautionary travel advisories. The world watched with bated breath as the subcontinent was taken to the brink of nuclear war. All this cost India an estimated pounds 1.1bn of public money. About 800 soldiers died in the panicky process of mobilisation alone."
That happened in 2001.


SnoCone said...

You’re back! Hello!

The serial killer thing, I keep thinking Jack the Ripper copycat (at least the one going after prostitutes). Speaking of serial killers have you seen Dexter?

On everything else I just kept nodding, except for the Vegetarian thing. Guess I’m not that smart then. :p

Also lol at La Scala, and at my almost writing the La Scala, which would have been just a tiny bit redundant.

Oh, and about that whole repetitive comment thing blame blogger, it kept telling me that my comment didn’t get through! St00p1d internets.

Shemsi said...

It's great to get an update from you! Very interesting news. That Arab Times story was weird. They made it sound like a big adventure for the Irish prof and his Arab friend. . . never mind the poor kids who were assaulted.

kwtia said...

snocone :) yup back..but I have not seen Dexter, should I?
Hey there is still a chance to become a vegetarian and join the smarty pants club..c'mon, it's really swell for the environment too...
Loved the La Scala story...
and hey, i loved the repetitive thing, it upped the comment numbers.
Shemsi hi!
weird all around, i agree..good to see you :)..

3baid said...

"for president"


kwtia said...

3baid Hi!
Yeah I can't help saying it after his name...sounds good doesnt it?

Joud said...

I have mixed feelings about Fisk's statement: "without being sectarian, Lebanon will no longer exist."

I got & posted this earlier today: