Saturday, February 23, 2008

I need to recharge the fuel that is sapped by the depression of being dunked daily in the vat of ignorance and regressive philosophies of this manufactured majority...the majority created by decades of ensuring that education is no more than recitation... like those ads, these days, that suggest if children learn pages and pages by heart their parents' yellow brick road to heaven will be paved..

When you are too busy trying to learn something by heart you don't have time to understand it, to filter it through that amazing thing we are blessed with called a have no time to read anything else...and the ignorance works so well for those who have you hanging over a precipice staring into the hellfire that will swallow you up if you think too much.

If you think too much you are liable to tire yourself out, and if you are too tired you won't have the strength to wrap so many things around you to cover that other blessing we have; that body that is so complex, so miraculous and so apparently offensive to some people who claim to love its maker.

We get this one chance at living on this planet... I can't help but pity that so much of it is spent having to stop our society from continuously going into rewind...

Humans have managed to count 70 sextillion stars (that is 70 +21 zeros, chew on that for a while) and yes I am sure they will find something blasphemous about the name of that number. Get ready to waste time and fight that fight next...

We know that our galaxy has 300 billion stars... 10% of which are like our sun...and there are, as of a recent count, 125 billion galaxies in the universe...

We have walked the moon...we have created machines that spin around our planet and watch us and help us watch each other online, on tv, and eventually in little chips swimming around our brains... yes, it is only a matter of time before nano-technology, that frightening new frontier, will allow us to upload our minds onto machines...

We have cured diseases, we created light and flight and breathing underwater....we have painted things we can see and things we only dream of... we have written heartbreaking poetry and thunderous philosophies that have carved new passages in our brains...we beautiful humans have done all this, and more, and yet some of us would still prefer to pick the nose of the past, with faulty interpretations of a text they have the gall to think they can chain us with.

Our religion and all religions are greater than the small minded, blistered, malformed ideas pasted on them by some neurotic men's grandstanding.

I am not ready to suffer for the therapy and medications they didn't get.

Yes, I need to refuel, or rather purge this anger. So when I am not on youtube to satisfy a surprising new addiction to snooker...I like to feed on things that can lift the fog a little.

If you missed any of the events or interviews, to do with the anachronistic battles to regain the last tattered shreds of any self respecting human dignity and freedom, you can watch them at this great youtube collection.

Some news for those who think that all the proof out there supports segregating humans:

Single-sex schools 'no benefit for girls' The Observer,Sunday June 25 2006
"Half a century of research 'has not shown any dramatic or consistent advantages for single-sex education' for boys or girls"
"Studies show ..." is the usual lead-in to any defense of single-sex education. In fact studies do not show that girls fare better in single-sex schools. "There does not seem to be research support for this perspective," The Atlantic
"Lately the so-called boy crisis in public schools has become every lazy media outlet's topic du jour, fueling the perception that girls get better college preparation than boys. That theory has been officially debunked with genuine research -- race and class turned out to be two of the real culprits for educational disparities, not gender -- but the Bush administration has yielded to the overblown boy crisis hysteria anyway." Salon

I'm tired...But can't sleep...but I will try we all do everyday with everything else.


3baid said...

I can't wait to see the repercussions of these decisions :D

bobashra said...

you made two interesting points:

1) The human race is advancing with new technologies and religion is only pulling us back.

I totally agree with this point. Religion does pull us back because we become so preoccupied with arguing about who is right and who is wrong among the many religions and many sects. We also become preoccupied with destroying the other religions and other sects.

You must understand that this is only a problem when there are many religions and many sects. In a society of one religion, the right religion will encourage development. You can see this when reading about the great philosophers, astronomers, poets and scientist of islam living in and closely after the time of the prophet(SAW)

Also you must understand the religious persons mentality. That is while you might care very much about world peace, advancing technologies of man kind, all humans living together in harmony etc...
A religious persons priority is to preform what his or her religion asks of them, they care more about the after life than they do about this life. They also care about what you care about but it is not their main priority.

2) you very clearly pointed out that some of the laws of the islamic sharia had no benefit (sexual segregation in schools) by stating the results of studies. specifically about sexual segregation, islam asks for segregation in order to remove the temptation and not for them to get better grades.

Some laws in the islamic sharia dont seem rational at first sight. A religious person is to follow those laws and doesn't think about them critically .

You might now ask, then why do we have a brain if not to think with??. well we should think and use our brains.

That is how you get to the conclusion of:

1)The existence of God.
2)The need and the existence of prophets
3)Is the quran really a the word of God

These three points take a long period of studying and alot of thinking to get to conclusions regarding these points.

Now if you believe that god exists and that your prophet is a messenger of god and quran is the word of god after which a rational person does not need to think about individual laws as long as he believes that they have come via his creator.

If at the end of this long process you do not believe in e.g. God, the quran, the prophet then a rational person shouldn't become religious at all