Sunday, March 2, 2008

3:15 pm
AUK has been evacuated after a bomb threat...
Or some kind of threat that is still not clear.
Check on your family and friends.
The authorities are at the university.
All is fine so far.
Earlier in the day, witnesses say, there was an apparent threat at a bank, some say Burgan.

Hell and a hand basket, we know you well.


Big Pearls said...

what is happenning? lot of bomb threats today?!

Anonymous said...

According to the US Embassy the bomb threat was at Marina Mall. This was confirmed by the MOI.

kwtia said...

hi guys yeah there were several threats...three that I heard of, and AUK was definitely evacuated and searched. Maybe it was all related to one threat that made them have to search all those places??

R said...

Both AUK (i work there) and Marina Mall were evacuated that day. First Marina then AUK. The Burgan mixup is because there's a branch in Marina Mall.

I thought the bomb threat fashion went out in the 80s/90s. I guess I was wrong. Come to think of it, old fashion trends always make comebacks a couple of decades down the line don't they... so I guess thats what this is, except this time, it doesn't feel as hoaxy as it used to, and this country doesn't feel as safe.