Monday, March 24, 2008

I can barely think through these new allergies I have developed in this country but here are some things for you to look at that might give you allergies too..Or worse.

  • Over 4 million Iraqi refugees...and counting
  • 70% of Iraqis have no access to clean water
  • Over 90% of Iraqi children have learning disabilities due to trauma
  • $5,000 a second are spent on the war, how much is being spent on aid and peace?
  • Hospitals in Gaza have 12 hour a day power cuts
  • 80% of families in Gaza survive on food aid
  • 70% of Gaza households earn less than $1.20 a day/person.

For the price of a side of fries...or a new cd...or a cinema can save a life. If you are feeling generous the price of your flat screen, your laptop, your fancy shoes, the money we spend on all the things we can live without can provide safe drinking water, life saving medical care, school supplies, protection from exploitation, a future...
  • Save the Children are helping Iraqi refugee children in Jordan
  • Unicef- You can choose where your donation goes.
  • Oxfam- Gaza crisis appeal
  • UNRWA- Emergency aid to the Gaza and the West Bank

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