Friday, March 28, 2008

"Kurzweil is 60, but he intends to be no more than 40 when the singularity arrives."
hmm... read on.
Manga does the Bible
"Today, our public discourse is dominated by people who have been wrong about everything" damn skippy...
While we are too busy deciding whether people kissing on the cheek is a sin... The world continues on...
...and on, so beautifully, without us.
Who was Cassini?
  • First to observe 4 of saturn's moons
  • He also discovered a gap between Saturn's two ring layers which is now named the Cassini Division
  • The first to measure the true size of the solar system after figuring out our distance from Mars.
  • A crater on Mars and another on our moon are named after him
  • Born in 1625


White Wings said...

Mzing last video...just amazing

kwtia said...

White Wings,
Glad you liked it. That site has some amazing stuff on it. I am so thankful to the person who shared it with me.
I am a video lecture junkie.

Thanks :)