Monday, October 13, 2008

Since misery loves company, the planet and the economy in meltdown should offer some sort of comfort to my dwindling sanity... but planet you are gonna have to come up with a lot more crazy to make me feel matched.

Where do we start...oh where do we start?

The IMF said the "global financial system was on the brink of meltdown" which is triggering descriptions like "utter carnage" and "a titanic battle between greed and fear"... Last week was apparently the worst week ever... indeed.

And today the little green market arrows are pointing up... who feels reassured?

HuffPo has a list of economists who told you so (one of whom just won the Nobel Prize) and another list of those who got the economy to its dark depths...

Entire countries are feeling the strain, the beautiful Iceland is "on the brink of collapse" according to an interesting and worrying article in the Guardian.

"Iceland is bankrupt," said Arsaell Valfells, a University of Iceland professor. "The Icelandic krona is history. The IMF has to rescue us." Link

And if you were quaking in your boots about the financial crisis where the hell were you when Earth got pushed against a wall and stripped of every last bit of its dignity?
A study by a Deutsche Bank economist says deforestation alone leads to financial losses that make the financial crisis look like piggy-bank pennies... The UN suggests a Green New Deal to save the economy.

Speaking of New Deals, the great Sarah Vowell has been turning to Roosevelt's Fireside Chats to deal with the panic of the economic crisis... I have been turning to the classic film channel for all sorts of other panic.

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes which has never been more stuck in my brain...

"Thou art a soul in bliss
; but I am bound Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears Do scald like molten lead"
King Lear


Anonymous said...

what a nice little post.

SnoCone said...

Oh dear.

*hides under bed*

I am appropriately terrified.

Also, hi hi!

Eostre said...

The end times are upon us then? That's reassuring. For a second there I was worried. Now I can patiently await the rapture.

PS. You've just been tagged.

kwtia said...

thanks for the nice little comment :)

Hi stranger :) glad to see you stopping by your old haunts again... keep being happy.
*i have been under there for a week*

hello again ;)
end of times indeed.
ps. I suck at rules and am shy and retiring.. so i will give you your six tucked away here.
1- i have a photo of myself as a child in front of me for when i want to apologise for her future. These days I am apologising for a nightmare.
2- for as long as i can remember my friends have made fun of my chronic commitment-to anything-phobia..except for one, who should have known me better.
3- I like chalk. i even have some chalk toothpaste.
4- I think nieces are angels. hope she will think aunts are too.
5- I love gardening, even though i do it mainly in my head. The same goes for most other things I love.
4- I am a movie freak and I can be scared of music. But I have been drinking music and unable to watch films. such is life.
i tag no one, due to rule-phobia..