Saturday, October 25, 2008

As if I needed another reason to recoil at having to touch elevator buttons: radioactive scrap from India was used to make buttons for Otis elevators in France. It makes me worry where we are getting our scrap from, considering we are in that part of the world where people like Larry Summers think dirty industries should be transferred.
See his old notorious creepy memo.
Yemen is flooded by a tropical storm..Dozens dead and tens of thousands displaced.
Jordan arrests a poet for using quotes from the Quran in his love poems... Though, it seems that we don't get enough arrests when people use quotes from the Quran to add flourish to hatred.
The Guardian has compiled 1000 artworks you should see before you leave the world.
A McCain worker's hoax might spell doom for him... But then again, scary movie characters always get back up when you think they're finished. Here is some more on the hoax including video.
Have a listen to some music that astronomers have recorded from stars... The beat of their pulse helps tell us their age and size and what they are made of... and it's pretty haunting.

I leave you to keep picking up all the pieces I have to put back together...
"Green eyes
Blue bedroom
bright machinegun sun"
love is a dog from hell


intlxpatr said...

That is one of the most amazing news summaries I have ever read. I listened to the stars! (I couldn't hear our sun.) Very interesting juxtaposition. . .

Eostre said...

Radioactive elevator buttons would actually make me feel better about the sorry state of my classmates' intellect. I'm not sure if radiation poisoning is reason enough to claim that the oceanic crust is heavier that the continental because it's wet though.

Please Lord let McCain lose, I really can't stand any more Republican idiocy on my tv screen.

The music of the spheres thing is brilliant. Haunting indeed. Science is just neat.

Shurouq said...

I second Intlxpatr. Perfect bulletin, beautiful epilogue. :)

kwtia said...

One day I will be able to type your name without having to squint at the succession of consonants :) Thank you for the kind words.. I wonder why the audio of our sun wasn't working for you, but if you want something close have a listen to the background hum of a song called 'prayer' by Rufus Cappadocia. Our sun felt like making an appearance there, sounding a bit like it may have sounded when it was a little younger..

Wet? Good grief.
I know what you mean about having four more years of complete lunacy to look at. We may just have to join them and give up our sanity if he wins. I am pretty much on the road to crazy anyway, that will just be the last straw.
Science IS neat, and I am discovering it way too late in my life. I have been hugging some textbooks to sleep.

Hey you :)
My head is getting bigger you best watch the flattering comments.
I am into epilogues these days, my life is in a kind of epilogue...The view is frightening but new, so I might as well embrace the novelty. glad you liked.