Sunday, November 9, 2008

There must be some love stories left in the world after all... And then there are those loves you wish could be explained... And still other pleasures you wish didn't sound like this.

I guess we'll be seeing everyone Tuesday on that lawn we all know so well..

Have a peek at The Crisis and What to Do About it, by George Soros in the NYRB

If you feel like hunting for expensive art pieces that will be left out for free all around the city then get yourself to London... Or just enjoy them and leave them where they are for others to enjoy too.

And I leave you with Rilke..

Every single angel
is terrible!
And since that's the case
I choke back my own
dark Birdcall
My sobbing...
To wish wishes no longer.
to see things
that seemed to
belong together
floating in every
...Is the old tale pointless
That tells how music began
in the midst of the mourning...
Duino Elegies


Marcel said...

Such beautiful poetry...I'll be heading to London soon! Will you?

Eostre said...

In celebration of the Obamas I link you to this post of pictures, check out chapter three.

The Palin thing is just... the mind reels.

I don't know that I'll go to the Constitution thing, still thinking on it.

The financial crises makes me sad and angry in equal parts. so much damage could have been avoided with a little more regulation and a lot more transparency. Nothing will change.

Ooh, I love the idea of putting out art for people to enjoy, no strings attached.

kwtia said...

I think I will..though perhaps not in time for finding treasure hunt art in the streets.

Nice photos..lucky couple.
Did you end up going to the constitution thing ? :)
Sadness and anger ah an intoxicating combination of familiar senses. Hope you are using them well.
I am about to ;)