Saturday, November 22, 2008

If you are anything like me (and believe me these days I would recommend anything but) then your heart races a little faster every time you hear that creaky little voice coming from the mighty and deadpan Ms. Sarah Vowell...

So as I debate whether allergies or closed coffin-like rooms are more palatable, and whether it would be annoying for people if I eat a LOT of nachos at the movies tonight, I find my very own Quantum of Solace by trawling the web for the lady that makes me look so much less nerdy than I am accused of being.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, this is my version of shouting off the rooftops, so bear with me, because I need there to be something worth shouting about these days.

It all started when I fell for her book Assassination Vacation, which was just the right amount of history, hilarity and quirky self revelation to hook me for life. Now she has The Wordy Shipmates which I am waiting for to make available already. You see, I have been dying to know about the Puritans, but have been wanting someone to tell me about them in a way that won't make me want to die.

ok enough personal memoir, here are some of her articles:
The Pessimism Deficit
When Bush Falls in Love

Yes, I bet some of you were thinking that if I were going to talk about matters of the heart I was going to bring up Potter Stewart again, my sexiest man ever to have graced the supreme court crush... Well you were right. Potter Stewart. There.


Eostre said...

I liked her on the daily show, but I loved her on that youtube vid. There's nothing quite like a well developed sense of satire to endear a person to me. Her humor? Dry as a bone.

I like history nerds almost as much as I like sci-fi/fantasy geeks. A lot.

If I ever read a non-fiction book, hers is definitely on top of the list.

kwtia said...

Glad to have helped turn you onto her...
Really, not a non-fiction reader at all?
I on the other hand, have been hoping to find some fiction I can actually finish... So hard to stay interested after a while... so besides comics I do mainly non-fiction. But what I would give to get lost in a story.