Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am winning the battle against cat scratch fever, or maybe that is the hopeful delirium that comes at the end...

The cat and I have worryingly similar notions of playfulness, but while I spend my time-between swatting and wrestling- biting my nails, she has a rigorous routine of honing her wolverine paws to the point where it's just dumb of me to go near her. But apparently I do dumb well. And do pain well too. Dumb pain.

How pretty is the weather these days? Very, I'd say.

We are so small, so small... But we dream big, poor creatures..
Here are some more crazy pictures of teeny tiny things from National Geographic.

Musicians out there try your hand at the YouTube Symphony Orchestra and music lovers, enjoy the Smithsonian Global Sound site.

Now onto matters more deathly serious:

Finally the DR Congo is on people's radars, too late for the millions that have been killed in the past decade... But not enough is being done, and activists are trying to draw attention to the 'rape as a weapon' horror going on there.

Want to help? Visit Women for Women International

I leave you with Paz, Williams, Seferis and Lenny... Because I have been reading too much.

Two bodies face to face
are two stars falling
in an empty sky.
–Octavio Paz

this morning for someone I’m not even sure exists
I waste tears. I count down by fractions
through the ash. I howl. I use up everything.
–CK Williams

but your heart's anguish
didn't cry out, became
what gives the world
a star-filled sky
--George Seferis

O friend of my scribbled life
Your heart is like mine—
your loneliness
will bring you home.
–Leonard Cohen


BintBuNaz said...

I watched The Corporation tonight, and you came to mind. Hope you're doing well.

PS-- Props on the Cohen quote.

kwtia said...

Hi there,
Long time... Hope you are well.
Hope it was the part that corporations are psychopaths and not just the psychopath part that made you think of me...