Sunday, October 24, 2004

It's an amazing night...the breeze is cool and the moon is that funny silver colour it gets when it's reached the tip top of our sky. I hope all you good folks are out enjoying how beautiful this world can be...although, we should have easier ways to walk from place to place without having to watch out for crazy young (and even creepier, not so young) murahiqeen thinking their car is somehow an advertisement for their virility...But Marina Crescent and the new walkway along the beach between the Scientific Center and Marina is lovely tonight ...i imagine...i don't get out much..balcony and garden are heaven enough for me. I bet the glistening city lights you see there would make you think you were in Beirut..or maybe not...maybe being in Beirut would remind you of here.
Been debating if i should watch the Manchurian Candidate tonight. Not the brilliant original one with Frank Sinatra, but the new one with Denzel W. and the queen of the screen, Meryl Streep. She is looking particularly frightening as the strange love-child of laura and Hillary. I am afraid of it being bad and having it stain the memory of the original. But I suppose there are more distressing things in the world than the fear of a bad film...distressing things all around us, right under our noses...and miles and miles away. maybe it's time to go back out into the dark cool evening and forget about the fact that we aren't quite where we should be as a human species...we can ignore that for tonight, just a little, and get back to work on it tomorrow...peace..

Music for tonight...something by Fairuz that is gentle and sweet...or maybe some Rabih Abu Khalil, especially Tarab...or some slow Billie Holliday... "I'll be seeing all the old familiar places..."

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