Sunday, October 24, 2004

It's a sweet day out and the gardeners outside our humble little public sector office have drowned the grass with water. I guess the fact that there are water shortage fears does not matter very much when it comes to flooding the garden...washing the car...taking 5 showers a day...why do so many people here take so many showers...i digress. But really, why?
My eyes are stinging from too many days of the dust piling up in my lids and scratching...scratching...
news news...whats in the news..The Arab Times has a front page you shouldn't miss. A fish flew out of the water and bit a man in the eye..while he was on a boat..Fishermen and water lovers happened right out on our pretty, polluted Gulf..The online paper doesn't have the photo posted, only the hard copy does..
The forces of oppression have yet again succeeded in sucking us dry of anything fun and intelligent. The interesting and very impressive Ramadan show 'The Road to Kabul" has now been pulled off all channels..Orbit, our beacon of hope ( It refused to bow to threats and pressure along with equally brave MBC and ART) is planning to sue the producers for breach of contract since they failed to supply the rest of the episodes. The producers are saying it's for techinical reasons...but some of us think that's a pretty funny reason coming after the very public threats issued by an Islamist group .
Margaret Hassan the CARE worker who was kidnapped in Iraq is still missing.
Baghdad is still burning.
Darfur is still ravaged.
Global warming is still threatening us, because we keep threatening the globe.
I am still sitting in an office with no real work, like so many of us here, and I have been swallowed up by the paralysis of the lazy spirit. A common ailment found in kuwaiti public sector workers...Good Day folks..enjoy the weather..the birds are singing and the sun is out and isn't burning us anymore..

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