Monday, October 25, 2004

Just when we were getting all sentimental about the beautiful weather, the good old winds had to kick some dirt in our eyes. It's been yellow all day...although some parts of the country were still under blue skies apparently...
For a look at headlines from all sorts of places check out this site...very easy on the eyes..a good place to start your morning:
There was a very sad article about the situation in Iraq in the Guardian's comment section an Iraqi novelist..
The Village Voice has a link to an article that says this:

"More than a third of Turkish women believe they deserve being beaten if they argue with their husbands, deny them sex or burn the meal, according to a survey carried by Anatolia news agency on Thursday" (Turkish
How far are other countries in the area from that statistic...? Very sad.
Ok Folks, it's time to look through the shelves for a movie to watch before the evening's outing...Ramadan is wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns, and i swore that it wouldn't happen..But everyone wants to meet at godforsaken late hours of the night...I can't believe how we turn night into day and day into night, during Ramadan, completely defeating the whole point of the month...

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