Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blog Day

So it's Blog Day...August 31st...and I have found 5 blogs i had never read before and am offering them up for your enjoyment...since I can't pick any Kuwaiti blogs due to the 'new to me' rule I will just direct everyone to Kuwait Blogs to take a look for themselves..
Here are the new blogs I found in no particular order..
A Woman Without and Man (is like a fish without a bicycle)
-lady in Iceland...fun layout..funny posts..
- A Canadian Blogger..Nice peaceful colours for reading a blog, I like the writing..you can navigate through the diferent topics like politics, film, music, philosophy and the list goes on..Learn a lot..
A food blog--fun info, nice layout, lovely pictures..
Set up by a group of Iranian bloggers (blogging is a huge, huge phenomenon in Iran) to blog the recent elections--It continues to be a source of information about politics and other things in Iran-has a lot of links..
A group of politically minded ladies giving us the news with a bite of humour..
And go visit Sabbah's Blog...the one who invited me to join Blog Day..

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