Saturday, August 20, 2005

Interesting films to look out for:

Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz
Fiennes is a diplomat in kenya who uncovers a huge Phamaceutical conspiracy when his activist wife is murdered. The acting should be impressive... Love topics like this. For real life Pharmaceutical scandals going on right now see here and here.

Documentary by Keith A. Beauchamp
Emmett Till was the 14 year old African-American boy who was murdered in Mississipi,1955, for whistling at a white woman. His murder helped to mobilise the civil rights movement, but his murderers got away thanks to an all white jury. This new documentary is forcing the case back on the table. Maybe after all these years Emmett will finally get a little justice.
Documentary in which a hundred comedians all tell the same filthy joke, and the art is in the telling...
News of sorts
Credit card sized battery powered by urine has been created in Singapore---ExxonMobil is funding ($40 Million) think tanks and media outlets to convince us that global warming is not caused by human consumption---Some organic food is not really organic
And last but not least, from Harpers:

Percentage of the 651 fatal or wounding terrorist attacks worldwide last year that took place in Iraq: 32 [National Counterterrorism Center (Washington)]

Percentage that took place in India: 44


panda said...

does amazon sell this stuff

kwtia said...

eventually they will be, for now they are opening up in a theater not so near you...