Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Over 500 dead in a stampede on a Shia pilgrimage in Baghdad today...A rumour spread that a suicide bomber was about to blow himself up and the crowd started to flee the bridge they were crossing...just before the rumour 3 mortar rounds landed near the Khadimiya mosque..
Who started the rumour?
500 Shi'ites dead on a Shia holy if the situation in the country weren't bad enough...
Especially since the past weeks have been filled with these headlines:
A fiction as powerful as WMD
It is not withdrawal that threatens Iraq with civil war, but occupation
Listen to this report
Iraq's sectarian myth
The sectarian forces drafting the new Iraqi constitution do not reflect grassroots sentiment
Unfortunately some people would like to see the previously non-existent divisions between sects in Iraq sink into a world of double, double toil and trouble....


panda said...

can we have a joke from time to time, I know you have it in you

MissCosmoKuwait said...

This is awful...the world has gone haywire!..They say the planet Mars (the planet of disaster and war) has been coming closer and closer to earth and as it does...all hell is gonna break loose...well..I just hope it starts moving backwards or something..things just don't look pretty with Mars...incidently it's also the planet that represents MEN! Go figure!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed!

Q8i Headless Nick

kwtia said...

Panda, I know you've heard this before...a time and place for everything..
Misscosomo, I didn't know that was you know why it's coming closer?
Q8i Headless Nick, welcome and thanks for commenting..

Fernando Darst said...

Not bad.