Thursday, September 1, 2005


Mississippi counts over 100 dead, Louisiana stopped counting because they have too many people left to rescue...They expect the dead to be in the thousands though...The beautiful Big Easy is still under waters which are still rising...thanks to levees that broke and let water come in from the river..New Orleans is a city that lies below sea level..Photos

From the Rachel maddow Show:
"New Orleans didn't have the financial means to reinforce the levees before Katrina hit because that money was taken to fund the war in Iraq. "
read the link, you will want to tear your hair out.
Over 20,000 people are sheltered in the Superdome, which is hot, has broken toilets, and rising water...they are to be evacuated to the Astrodrome in Texas...where they might stay TILL DECEMBER...
The national guard have been trying to plug up the levees and help save people..but they are short handed thanks to their people having been sent to fight and die in Iraq..
"Speaking for the Mississippi National Guard, Lt. Andy Thaggard said: “Missing the personnel is the big thing in this particular event. We need our people.” According to the Washington Post, the Mississippi National Guard “has a brigade of more than 4,000 troops in central Iraq” while “Louisiana also has about 3,000 Guard troops in Baghdad.” Norman Solomon
Imagine the disease causing mix of bodies, building material, chemicals, gas, dead animals, rotting food from supermarkets and homes, all the electric equipment in all the buildings, toxic waste and medicines from the flooding hospitals and the hot summer New Orleans weather...all that is wrapping itself around every piece of furniture every wall or every house..every person that is walking through it..

City prepares itself for health crisis as floodwater becomes 'toxic soup'
UK's Chief Scientific Advisor: Global Warming May Be to Blame
Sea temperatures rise, and Hurricanes become more yeah smart idea to keep burning fossil fuels and all that stuff..nature is just waiting to get back at us..
Hamish McRae: Hurricane Katrina gives us a taste of things to come in an oil-hungry world

Tax paying, working men and women, citizens of the richest country in the world...with all that money having been spent on weapons and wars and champagne dinners and Bush still has the audacity to smirk (watch BBC) when he tells the victims that they will get over this and "new communities will flourish"...the old communities didn't have to be destroyed did they??
People have had their lives ruined, have lost their homes, probably their jobs...they won't be able to go home for months, if ever...what the hell is there to smile about?
Please read this eyewitness account from a rescue worker linked from Wonkette..
Watch Democracy Now's report on Katrina..
The Red Cross is the place to donate money if you want to help out...


MissCosmoKuwait said...

It really is awful...masakeen...unbelievable that they would have that many dead compared to those that died in Iraq (a war zone)! Talk about mother nature causing a balance in the numbers! You can read about Mars at most horoscope and astrology sites...they've been expecting Mars to cause all of this...since it's the closest it's been since 10 thousand years!

kwtia said...

Thanks Misscosmo, i will look it up :)

Valiant Contender said...

Salaam K,
That is really sad, Allah ekon fe 3onhom. There is not much to say really. Thanks for the news.

kwtia said...

Salaam VC,
I was listening to some really sad interviews with victims who had lost their family members on's just heartbreaking..and it's frustrating when you learn that it was preventable..Really Allah ekon fe 30nhom..

Anonymous said...

You are a BITCH and don't know anything that you are talking about! Takong someone like Sidney Bloomenthal's(he worked for the Clintons and this is a Cover your ass operation) word for the truth is silly at best. The levees were build in the 1930's and all of a sudden it is this adminstrations fault? Small minded pople such as you should butt the hell out of things you don't know about!

kwtia said...

Anonymous, you are free to have any opinion you want...and I won't call you names for it..Sorry you are so angry..The levees were built in the late twenties and they were supposed to have been updated and reinforced because it was predicted that they would not withstand a weather disaster(and it isn't Blumenthal who said that, you can even look it up yourself)..I don't need to repeat what is available for you to read in all the papers and in all the links I provided..have a good day and hope you feel better soon.