Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fears over climate as Arctic ice melts at record level :
The ice is 20% less than it should be..oh well, let's keep buying those SUVs, and building houses like we live in Versailles and not the desert so that we can use up all the energy humanly possible..and let's not forget to write a sweet note to our grand kids just to let them know why we don't give a damn about the planet they're going to inherit from us..
Yes it's the weekend and I am cranky about the news.
From The Nation:
A Devil's Dictionary of Business
Funny reading for us who live in a country who's business is business spelled with a c.o.r.r.u.p.t..
In news related to words starting with c...Are you hearing about the DeLay indictment (the wha?) and not quite sure what it's about? Here is a little Crash Course form the Village Voice...this is news people, read it. And then if you want more go here and here and here..and then you could go here and here and here..Hey, I told you it was news.
News from the North..(you might be about to join me in cranky town, Ready?)
US troops upload photos of dead Iraqis for porn

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.


sarah said...


Apparently a couple of days ago Bush actually said that we should start conserving. Bush! We've had some oil shortages in TX since the hurricanes, but still. . . I was suprised that Bush would notice.

It's a good thing someone finally had the guts to indict DeLay. So maybe there is some justice in the world :)

I'm glad about the school lunch thing. At one point (about 10 years ago) public schools here made deals with Taco Bell and Pizza Hut to have them in the schools. What an ingenious idea that was!

kwtia said...

Hi Sarah,
I remember our lunch counters had pizza so oily that it soaked through layers of paper plates..and it was more addictive than drugs..damn them :)