Sunday, October 2, 2005

Bali is hit again..
This is a beautifully written piece by Rafael Behr
Apparently babies cared for by mom do "significantly" better than those cared for by nannies, relatives and childcare facilities..The children "show higher levels of aggression or are inclined to become more withdrawn, compliant and sad".. Of course when you read the whole article it is not as simple as that..wait, why is there no mention of dads anywhere in the piece?
Desperate Housewives of the Ivy League? An article critiquing the myth (repeat, MYTH) that women with big name degrees and careers are choosing to give them up to be housewives..
I am sick and tired of the stupid authorities holding your book/film/music orders hostage...this is ridiculous..if I am importing nothing illegal, what the hell is their problem? Isn't this bloody country enough of a prison without them also invading your mail? Anyone out there having similar problems? I have heard there is someone who is even on the 'not allowed to leave the country' list for ordering regular stuff from amazon and refusing to pay the customs 400kd fine for it..


Zaydoun said...

Joss Whedon rules

Wait.. didn't I already say that here?

kwtia said...

You can never say it enough times I think :)

sarah said...

We saw Serenity this weekend. I think it definitely lived up to expectations.

What are you talking about "Myth"?! Now that I've spent $100,000 on an education, my plan is to stay home and watch Oprah. . oh and Dr. Phil. . . Definitely Dr. Phil. (I'm joking--please don't blacklist me from your blog!)

kwtia said...

hehehe blacklisting..don't beleive in it..and either way people make the choices that best suit them as individuals..nothing worng with staying home if that works for just sucks when misinformation is peddled as fact..and then used to make sweeping generalisations about an entire gender.

Hanan said...

but kwtia, don't you know it's in our genes. we're a sex (not gender) who is naturally domestic (or is it domesticated?)

kwtia said...

Hi Hanan, :) I have a fondness for the word gender because makes me think of something more socially or culturally imposed I guess..but yes, a sex (in this case people with 'female' body parts), that some folks think comes with an inbuilt chip for domesticity..

Delicately Realistic said...

i love the field i am in now, but when i think of the time my job is going to take from my family and kids, i wish i'd just done something easy instead of this, i must admit being a housewife does have an appeal to it.

unfold the voice of the desert said...

i really want to take care of my kids on my own if i decided to have any....i will have a maid but not the kind that would live with me know she'd just clean up the house & leave..if i wanted some1 to babysit my let my mum or dad do that but never a stranger :)lol i just thought id share my perspective on that

coquine said...

You know Delicately Realistic, being at home sometimes does sound appealing to us working women, especially when stress at work is up there; but I think it goes both ways, and many housewives feel that they have too much time on their hands and envy women with careers. It seems that the best way to go is to have a good balance in both areas, not just one or the other. It's probably easier said than done though !

kwtia said...

Hi Ladies, Welcome...I do understand the appeal of wanting to stay home and be with our families..that's a pretty healthy want..and also I think there are a lot of people (male and female) who shine in the role of parent/homemaker/stay at home job etc..Raising kids is an amazing priviledge..It's true that a blance between your personal/career aspirations and your family is a beautiful thing..hard to negotiate, but beautiful..I also know a lot of guys who wish they were stay at home dads..or wish they weren't so swamped with work etc..I think that's the main sticking point, that it isn't an innate characteristic found only in females, just maybe women who choose it are not as criticised as men are..
Work is good, family is good, life can be very good if you love and enjoy both..

3baid said...

Not just "cared for" but breast-fed as well.

kwtia said...

Hi 3baid, yes indeed..a very important and healthy activity..