Friday, October 14, 2005

Reports that the Bird flu has reached Europe...Uhm we are in between Asia and Europe..did it just skip us?
They don't mean to scare you but the headlines are Bird flu 'could kill 150m people' /WHO warns of dire flu pandemic/Pandemic: A Worldwide Outbreak of Influenza..
ok they are really trying to scare you..
Then there's this:
Falcons hit by bird flu said to be in Kuwait :Arab Times
Infected cargo enters Kuwait-Avian Flu Blog
All imported falcons are free of disease: PAAAFR; 'Violators to face the law' -Arab Times (covering their behinds?? or are the certificates really in order..we wait to see)

Get to know this: The initial symptoms of avian flu are similar to those of other influenza viruses, including fever, generalised muscle pain, cough and sore throat. However, it is more likely to result in high fever, chest infection, respiratory failure, multi-organ failure, and death..Also avian flu can cause eye infections and respiratory illness as primary symptoms
Expect the Flu and the vaccine companies to make a killing..
Other news:
After 9/11 they said it was safe to breathe the people know better..and frankly many people were screaming foul back then too...Time for the New Orleans health risks to be downplayed in a push to reopen the city..
US campus wars- Anti-war students v. the anti-anti-war students..two articles in the Nation that are really shocking..take a look.
And for those of you who were looking for a vegan is one called Vegan Freaks, enjoy.


3baid said...

Ulah yestir :/

kwtia said...

Yup, we wait and see..good to see you around 3baid :)