Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In the news today:

China Crisis: threat to the global environment
"China's exploding, double-digit-growth miracle economy - it is turning into one of the greatest environmental threats the earth has ever faced."---"a groundbreaking report from Greenpeace, published today, which maintains that China is now by far the world's biggest driver of rainforest destruction"
Read on, it's full of depressing info..and you know how i love to depress you..
Saddam's trial was set for today, though his lawyer will ask for an adjournment..there is news that it has been delayed for unknown reasons...saddam's lawyers challenge the legitimacy of the US backed court--International Rights groups are also questioning the fairness of the trial--Can justice be served for the victims of that tyrant if a shadow is cast over the legitimacy of the proceedings? Amnesty is supposed to observe the trial.
The trial will be broadcast with a 20 minute delay..
These days even Asterix has something to say about Bush
Unusually High Vote Totals Raise Concerns About Iraq Election
hhmm electoral fraud possibilities...learning from ..well..
Steal This Vote
The US electoral system is deeply dysfunctional—and always has been


sarah said...

That article about Asterix is really funny. My little brother used to LOVE those books when he was a kid.

I wonder if anybody is ever going to do anything about the US voting system. It seems pretty hypocritical of us to force democracy down other country's throats, when we don't really have much of a democracy here. Oh well.

kwtia said...

Hi Sarah..'ain't no power like the power of the people...'