Monday, October 31, 2005


nibaq said...

Ugh, No1 is Noam Chomsky? Then you have Camile Paglia in 20. Where did they find these voters in a hemp shop or something?

The vote is baised in so many ways. I bet its the same hypocrits that attacked WTO in Seattle for the evil of "globalization" then the next day went to do their christmas shopping like nothing happened.

kwtia said...

Hi Nibaq, people like Friedman and Wolfowitz made it on the there are some pro-corporate globalization suits in there to make you happy..
Lawla ta3adud il adhwaq...
It's the readers of Prospect they would be a mixed bunch..leaning a bit left of center in some cases..but not too much..
Who would be your choice?
I was interested to see that Soroush is in there..and was surprised to see the list of those who didn't make the top 100, i thought many of them would be higher up..

nibaq said...

Well it is just that most of them have some sort of political agenda. Granted it is good to have a cause and fight for it, but they are fighting for their side.

To me an intellectual is someone who thinks for everyone. Doesn't takes or make sides, but states their thoughts on life and politics with openness to reach both sides to reach some compromise.

Oh and I hate Friedman he makes globalization and this "world is flat" concept sound all happy and shiny.

My people on the list are like Eco who make people think, and not told what to think.

A Yahya said...

lol @ kwtia. I think between been sued by a peed off parking attendand and a death threat from a 'James Bondesque' International Terroist Organisation, responsible for killing thousands ... I think the whole parking attendant thing would be insignificant :)

kwtia said...

Good point Nibaq..although there are so few people that do not have an agenda..Your politics frame your writing most of the time..but I suppose that your politics came from your particular experience of the world around you..or sometimes your lack of experience..
E. Said wrote about the intellectual as being someone who was outside the institutions of society and actively disturbed the status quo, spurred on by a personal ideal...the ultimate goal being to increase freedom and knowledge..and I suppose the more opposing sides there are out there, voicing their opinions then the more knowledge..and the more freedom to all..considering that we are often trapped by our ideologies..
It's too early on a fasting morning to make much sense..but you know what I'm saying?

Nomaadic, hi..Yes exactly..